Why is Nikola Tesla obsessed with the Egyptian pyramids?

Inventor Nikola Tesla has many unusual obsessions, in which he considers the great pyramids of Egypt to be huge sources of energy. He built the Tesla Tower according to laws inspired by the study of pyramids.

According to Popsci, until his death, Nikola Tesla was not appreciated, but the fame and legend surrounding him have continued to flourish into our time. He is now considered the mad scientist who essentially invented our time, credited with the key ideas that led to the smartphone, the wi-fi, the delivery system. AC power…

Why is Nikola Tesla obsessed with the Egyptian pyramids?
Tesla believes the pyramids serve a higher purpose than making tombs and investigating.

Besides the ideas that Tesla implemented and patented, he had many other interests in various fields of research, some of which were quite enigmatic. One of the most unusual was his preoccupation with the Egyptian pyramids – humanity’s most mysterious and magnificent construction.

Tesla believes that the pyramids serve a higher purpose than making tombs and investigating and studying them throughout life. What did he find fascinating about the pyramids? He wondered if pyramids were giant transmitters of energy – a thought that coincided with his investigation of how to transmit energy wirelessly.

In 1905, Tesla filed a patent in the United States titled “The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through Natural Environment,” outlining designs for a series of generators around the world. He thought of the Earth, with its two poles, as a giant generator of infinite energy. His triangular design became known as the Tesla electromagnetic pyramid .

Why is Nikola Tesla obsessed with the Egyptian pyramids?
Wardenclyffe Tower.

According to Tesla, it’s not just the shape but the position of the Egyptian pyramids that gives them their power. He built a tower facility called the Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs and the Wardenclyffe Tower or Tesla Tower on the East Coast to find ways to take advantage of the Earth’s energy field. The sites were chosen according to the law where the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, regarding the relationship between the planet’s elliptical orbit and the equator. The design is aimed for wireless power transmission.

In addition to the pyramid, Tesla is said to be obsessed with the numbers “3,6,9” , which he believes are the keys to the universe. He drove around buildings three times before entering or staying in hotels with numbers divisible by 3. Some believe that Tesla’s obsession with numbers was related to his preference for the shape of a pyramid. pyramids and the belief that there are some basic mathematical laws and ratios that are part of the universal mathematical language. Since we don’t know exactly how the pyramids were built and why, they are considered by some as creations or energy generators or served as messengers or even codes. from an ancient civilization.