Why do we all love to eat starch?

Or why does everyone love a slice of hot bread dipped in buttercream? Starch is life. Trying to cut carbs long-term in sedentary people can be just as difficult as quitting opiates.

But as it turns out, we are actually born with a love for starches.

Scientists from Deakin University in Australia think we have a sixth taste and that’s what makes us love pasta and bread.

This new study challenges the traditional view that cravings for starches are driven by sugar – according to this study, some people can directly perceive the taste of carbs.

Why do we all love to eat starch?
We have a sixth taste and that’s what makes our love of pasta and bread.

And people with more sensitive taste buds tend to have a larger waistline . “We looked specifically at waist circumference – as it is the best measure of the risk of diet-related diseases,” said researcher Julia Low.

“People who are sensitive to starches also tend to eat more of this food and have a larger waistline.”

This study looked at 34 adults and found that the mouth can perceive two types of carbohydrates commonly found in bread, pasta and rice.

They then tested the people’s sensitivity to carbs – based on how much carbs and total calories they ate, and the size of their waist circumference.

It is still said that the increase in the consumption of energy-rich foods in the sedentary group is causing the current obesity crisis. And this research can help with processing and understanding the causes of cravings for certain foods.

According to Professor Russell Keas t, the “taste” of carbohydrates also drives the potential for carbohydrate or starch consumption.

But according to her, we need more research to determine the exact cause.