Why are Jews the smartest in the world?

Since ancient times, the Jews have considered knowledge as a special kind of capital because it can generate capital and wealth, but cannot be plundered.

Historically, the Jews were known as a religious ethnic group that originated in Israel. Although Jews are now scattered in many different countries, only Israel is the only Jewish country in the world, the people are mostly Jews and the national religion is Judaism.

The Jews have a religious tradition that requires believers not only to observe and obey, but to argue and criticize. They often do not have a rich life as a minority, understand the customs of the country in which they live but still maintain a certain distance.

There is a belief embodied in the Jewish community, that each person’s life is only worthwhile when it helps to make it more noble and beautiful, according to the genius Einstein.

The current Jewish population in the world is about 13.8 million people (about 0.19% of the world’s population – data in 2013), that is, about 1 in 517 people is a Jew. Yet by the mid-19th century, a quarter of the world’s scientists were Jewish, and by 1978, more than half of the Nobel Prizes had gone to Jews. Thus, up to 50% of the contribution to human progress is made by only 0.19% of the population.

It is said that born into exile, Jewish unity and values all seem to be broken, while intangibles like knowledge have the ability to last.

The great names of the 20th century can be mentioned as the mind of the century: Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Otto Frisch… are all Jews.

Why are Jews the smartest in the world?
The church required all men to be able to read, write and calculate.

So why have generations of Jews acquired such wisdom (the average Jewish IQ is 110 compared to the world average of 100)? In the book “The secret of the Jewish people to teach their children to get rich” has given a specific explanation for this problem.

Jewish mothers teach their children from the time they are pregnant. Mothers often listen to music, play the piano, sing and… do math until the baby is born. Pregnant women do this because they believe that it will make their baby intelligent later on. The mother chooses to eat almonds, dates, fish oil and fish but avoids eating fish heads, believing that all this will help her child become wise.

From the time she was holding the baby, the mother instilled in her child the habit of liking books by using a trick to put a few drops of honey on the book and let the baby lick it. At that time, in the child’s immature perception, a book is something very sweet and attractive.

The New York City Industrial Commission (USA) conducted a human resource survey in 1950 and found that there was a large difference in employment between Italian women and Jewish women. Italian women often have to work and even force their children to drop out of school to help their parents, while Jewish mothers are the opposite. Despite economic difficulties, they still stay at home to raise their children, putting all the responsibility of making a living on their husbands – who work during the day but have the duty to study and teach their children at night.

Thanks to the care and encouragement of their parents, Jewish students are famous in school for their academic achievement and diligence, which is different from students of many other ethnicities. In 1954, the New York City public school system counted 28 students with extremely high IQs up to 170 points, of which 24 were Jewish students. In addition, these people also think that the point is not as important as learning, but having learned, must ask. Therefore, Jewish students are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to the teacher.

Also according to Jewish scientists, the vibration of music stimulates the brain and that is why there are so many Jewish geniuses…

From grades 1 to 6, children’s priority subjects include business, math, and science. All Jewish children participate in sports such as archery, shooting, and running because they believe that archery and shooting train the brain to become focused on decisions and accuracy.

Why are Jews the smartest in the world?
From grades 1 to 6, children’s priority subjects include business, math, and science.

In high school, students will gradually reduce their science education to learning how to create products, diving into these kinds of practical exercises. While some projects/exercises may seem ridiculous and useless, they all require serious concentration especially if it’s weapons, medicine, engineering, ideas that will be introduced. to scientific institutes or universities.

The Faculty of Business is also given priority. During their final year at university, students will be assigned a project and practice. They will finish if their team (about 10 people/group) can generate a profit of 1 million USD.

Don’t be surprised, this is a fact and that’s why half of the business in the world is Jewish.

The Jewish people were the first people in the world – as early as 64 AD – for which the church required all men to be able to read, write and calculate; By the second century, it was compulsory for all men to teach their sons to read, write, and calculate. Thus, they have made universal education for men ten centuries before other ethnic groups.

Israel is also the leading country in the world in terms of population from 14 years old reading books, leading in the number of books published per capita. There is not a successful Jew who does not take the time to read, to learn, to enrich his knowledge.

Thus, since ancient times, the Jews have considered knowledge as a special kind of capital because it can generate capital and wealth, but cannot be plundered. And this is an important factor that helps the Jews to achieve intelligence that is superior to the rest of the world.