Why do passengers always have to board or disembark from the left door?

When it comes time to check-in, board the plane, no matter what, there are many people in a hurry because they are worried about being late, worrying about lack of things, worrying about all sorts of things in life, whether it’s the first flight or the first time. go many times. That’s why sometimes we don’t pay attention to the very small but interesting details that the aviation industry “hides” passengers when traveling by plane.

Did you notice that when checking in from the terminal to the plane, passengers are always brought in from the left door, even when getting off the plane ? If you are curious, you will surely have questions about this issue. Yes, there is a scientific reason for boarding/exiting the plane through the left door.

Why do passengers always have to board or disembark from the left door?
The right side of the plane has enough doors, but only in case of an emergency.

Not only commercial aircraft, but most transport and combat aircraft… passengers must board from the left door. The reason is related to the conventions in the maritime industry that have existed since time immemorial. According to the ship’s structure, starboard is where the rudder is located, so passengers have to get on and off on the left side when the ship arrives.

Similarly, the right side of the plane has enough doors, but only for emergencies. Normally, this side is where the ground staff arranges checked baggage, so passengers have to get on and off from the front and back doors on the left side, whether you’re boarding via the pipeline or by ladder car.

A Dreamliner airline captain also said that the door on the right side of the plane will be smaller than the door on the left to keep the rigidity and structure of the plane. Therefore, when passengers get on and off by the left door, the pilot can easily observe and control the plane to take off and land safely.

There are also other reasons that can explain more scientifically. Today, commercial airliners are designed to refuel on the right flank. Therefore, thanks to the separation between the right door and the left door, the operation becomes safe, avoiding the unfortunate event of danger. In contrast, baggage loading on the plane will be done on the right fuselage. The luggage compartment door is usually designed to be very wide and can only be brought up on the starboard side.

In the end, whatever the reason, the primary purpose of moving to the left side of the plane has become the norm for airlines around the world. This also ensures optimum safety for passengers .