Why are children's clothes not dried overnight?

There is still a lot of controversy about the taboo that mothers pass on to their children.

Whether it is possible to dry clothes at night is still a controversial question for generations: Some people think that drying clothes during the day or at night is the same; Some people say that at night, all clothes should be brought inside the house. The following article will help you have the most clear answer.

There will be a lot of work to pay when the family has more members from diapers, milk, clothes … to cribs, sheets… If you want to save money in the house, try to get your things before 5 o’clock every day. Because at night, the humidity often increases, the moisture infiltrating the clothes will make the clothes take longer to dry, have an unpleasant smell and add moisture, affecting the durability of the fabric, causing them to quickly deteriorate.

Why are children's clothes not dried overnight?
Drying clothes at night affects the durability of fabrics, making them quickly damaged.

The immature skin of children is very sensitive, the resistance is poor, but the surrounding environment contains many types of mold that affect health. If parents accidentally leave clothes overnight, these fungi will stick to clothes, and when children put them on, they will be at risk of dangerous diseases such as sinus, bronchitis, respiratory failure, allergies. …

Under normal circumstances, the child’s skin will be itchy. But if parents keep the habit of drying clothes at night for a long time, children breathing in mold spores can show one of two symptoms:

Therefore, if the mother sees the baby suddenly crying more than usual, accompanied by some signs such as cough, prolonged fatigue, eye pain, skin irritation, etc., please consult a doctor, but must change. some habits in life. If, unfortunately, your mother forgets to collect your clothes at night, wash them immediately the next morning.

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