Unique villages in the world

Let’s visit interesting villages around the world, they will surely make you want to “escape” there immediately.

Unique villages in the world
San Antonio village’s water source is heavily contaminated with arsenic, but people drink it is okay.

The village of San Antonio in Argentina is where all the people drink arsenic-contaminated water and are still healthy. According to the results of one study, the villagers of San Antonio drank 20 times more arsenic than is allowed in humans. This ability is possible because the inhabitants of the area have undergone some natural change in their genetics, giving them greater resistance to arsenic.

Unique villages in the world
Due to the influence of the quarries containing radioactive substances, the people in the village were infected with strange diseases.

All residents of a village in Kazakhstan suffer from a strange disease, which is always sleepy even during the day. When they wake up, they also have symptoms of nausea, headache, memory loss. Many people think that an old quarry containing radioactive material nearby may have caused the situation.

Unique villages in the world
This village is always wet with world record rainfall.

A village in India called Mawsynram is dubbed the “wettest village in the world” with an average annual rainfall of about 11,871mm. This amount of rain could flood the world’s largest statue, the 30-meter-tall statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Unique villages in the world
Perhaps this village has such good security that there is no need to build a gate.

In the village of Shani Shingnapur , India, all the houses, banks, schools… have no doors. Even public toilets are only covered with a cloth in the place where the door is originally. Money and important things are put in the box and locked, and guests who come to the house to play must speak loudly for the owner to know and welcome.

Unique villages in the world
“Smurf Village” with eye-catching blue houses and streets.

The village of Juzcar , Spain was originally built in boring white and nothing special, until Sony wanted to repaint the entire village blue to serve the movie The Smurfs. The village has become prominent and attracts more visitors. Therefore, the villagers decided to keep that lucky green color.

Unique villages in the world
The inhabitants of the village are the smallest people in the world.

YangSi village is located in the southwest of Sichuan province, China, with 40% of the people possessing extremely short height compared to the average person. 36/80 residents here are all small, with the tallest being only about 1 meter and the shortest just a little over half a meter. Many people believe that the high levels of mercury in the soil caused the situation.

Unique villages in the world
The canals are both “the way”, and give the village a poetic beauty.

Giethoorn village , Netherlands is known as the Venice of the Netherlands with a fresh climate, wonderful scenery and especially without any roads in the village. People travel across the canal in small boats or walk across the many wooden bridges around the town, and cars must be left outside the village.

Unique villages in the world
A verdant oasis in the middle of a vast desert.

Huacachina in the South American country of Peru is a lush, tree-lined oasis in the driest desert on the planet. This place has green palm trees surrounding a cool freshwater lake, surrounded by countless trees and fruit trees, reducing the heat from the desert. The people here have a prosperous life thanks to the exploitation of great natural resources to serve tourism.

Unique villages in the world
The village is located isolated on the top of a long extinct volcano.

A small village in Japan, isolated in the Izu Islands, inhabited by residents in the mouth of an extinct volcano since 1875. The only way tourists can reach Aogashima is by ferry or by ferry. lift. However, the island often has few visitors because it is often covered with dense fog, making it difficult for planes to approach the island.

Unique villages in the world
The roofs avoid the heat like a giant mole’s nest.

The houses of the villagers of Coober Pedy in the north of South Australia would make many think they are giant dunes extruding from mole holes. In fact, it was the most effective way to combat the scorching heat that sent the sun pouring down on this land.

Unique villages in the world
Once a year, this rural village experiences the bizarre deaths of countless birds.

Jatinga is a rather small rural town in India with only about 2,500 inhabitants. However, once a year, this rural village experiences the bizarre deaths of countless birds that are largely inexplicable. This phenomenon occurs every year right after the monsoon season in September and October. During this time, shortly after sunset and often on dark, moonless nights between 6:30 a.m. and 10 p.m., the flocks birds of many different species gather here in great numbers and just like that they die. Birds constricted and plunged their heads to the ground, trees and buildings, and on the ground hundreds of dead birds thrashing wildly.

A total of about 44 bird species, both migratory and local, were caught up in this mass death. Scientists are baffled by this phenomenon that despite many studies, the official cause has not been found because the factors are still not well understood.

Nestled in a rural area of the country of the Dominican Republic is the small village of Salinas . It looks like any other village in the area, but hides a mystery that has baffled scientists for decades. In this village, many little girls suddenly turned into boys. Victims of this phenomenon are known as Guevedoces, which roughly translates to penis growth at the age of 12.

Unique villages in the world
Here, the child was born a girl but became a boy during puberty.

These children are born female, with obvious female genitals and secondary female characteristics and tendencies, but when they reach puberty, they suddenly undergo a major change, first First some signs of male expression and then the penis suddenly started appearing for no apparent reason due to some puzzling genetic mutation.

A Guevedoces named Johnny once told BBC News about his sex change : “Naturally I don’t like dressing up as a girl and when I see a group of boys, I stop to play ball. with them”.

This is not an isolated case in the village, one in 90 children mysteriously turns from girl to boy around the age of 12. The mystery had long been a rumor in the area, until in the 1970s, Dr. Julianne Imperato-McGinley – a researcher from Cornell Medical College in New York became curious and came to the village to find out. Turns out it’s actually real, prompting her to start a series of children’s studies here to find the cause.

Imperato-McGinley found that the cause of this strange mutation lies in an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase . When it comes to puberty, the enzyme finally activating, the new body undergoes a sudden mutation that turns the seemingly female body into a male, causing a rapid development of secondary sexual characteristics such as muscles, as well as turning the vagina into a penis. Interestingly, this condition is rare, and scientists still don’t know why it happens so often in this small village.

Unique villages in the world
Kodinhi village has the distinction of having the highest rate of twins in the world.

Besides the villages of the dwarves there is also the strange phenomenon of a twin village. Kodinhi is a small, remote village located in Malappuram district in Kerala, India with just over 2000 inhabitants. This is a very quiet and waterless village, unlike the countless others scattered across the Indian countryside. However, when walking down the village lane, you may find it strange that twins are present almost everywhere, of all ages, and are identical. In fact, almost every family has a set of twins.

Kodinhi carries the distinction of having the highest rate of twins in the world. Out of the 2,000 inhabitants of the village, there are more than 220 pairs of twins. It is known that in 2008 alone, 15 sets of twins were born in the village. Local doctor Krishnan Sribiju has spent a lot of time researching Kodinhi’s twins and he believes the twin rate is even higher than the official record. He has also found that the rate of twins in the village is increasing every year and the number of twins in Kodinhi has doubled in the past decade. It is said that this phenomenon occurred starting about 60 to 70 years ago, and the exact cause is still unknown.