What is CCTV? What does CCTV surveillance system include?

Not only you but also those who have worked in the field of cameras for a long time have heard a lot about CCTV related phrases such as: CCTV camera, CCTV system… So do you know what CCTV stands for? Or CCTV Camera is? The following article will answer these questions for you.

What is CCTV? What does CCTV surveillance system include?
CCTV camera also means surveillance camera or CCTV camera.

To work, the entire camera set will have to include: 1 or more camera eyes, electrical wires, signal wires. network wire, Jack BNC, recorder, hard drive, … connected together.

For camera motion, we divide CCTV cameras into two categories: Static Cameras and Dynamic Cameras.

Dynamic camera is a camera capable of rotating and scanning, it is also known as a PTZ (Pan Pit Zoom) camera, which translates into Vietnamese as a camera capable of rotating, tilting and zooming. This is a high quality camera with a very high price

Cameras with built-in infrared for night vision in low light are called infrared cameras. Cameras that do not support infrared night vision are called normal cameras.

The camera also has face recognition, motion detection, burglar alarm, this is called a smart camera. Currently on the market, most cameras are integrated with these smart features.

In terms of use, most cameras have the same meaning as a CCTV such as: CCTV cameras, security cameras, surveillance cameras, network cameras or CCTV cameras, anti-theft cameras, burglar alarm cameras, etc. …

CFA – color filter (a set of optical filters for forming a color signal) feeds to analog-to-digital (AFE) converters, and the resulting digital signal is transmitted directly to the chip. Through the chip and amplifier the video signal is generated.

Image signal from CCD->AFE->Nextchip->Amplify->Video out

The V-Driver is responsible for the luminance and panning formation of the CCD.

The IRIS drive controls the lens to synchronize the external signal.

RS485 microprocessor control control such as IR lighting control, replacement control for OSD control keys,…