Back to the old value: "Classic Blue" – Classic Blue is officially the color of 2020

As is customary, since 1999, Panton has continuously delved into research to come up with colors that represent the trends of each year. This color will be announced in early or mid-December.

And the time has come. Recently, Pantone has released an official color announcement for 2020. This time to mark a new decade, they have decided to bring us all back to an old value, with a name that is recognized by the company. called Classic Blue – Classic Lam.

You can see the classic blue appearing in the sky at dusk or sunset, the color of still water, and also the color exuded by ripe raspberries.

Back to the old value: "Classic Blue" - Classic Blue is officially the color of 2020
Classic Blue is the color of 2020.

Being chosen is the color of the year, which means that it will be the dominant color in the fashion design and interior decoration trends that year. Remember in 1999, the color chosen by Pantone was Cerulean – cerulean, also known as “sky blue” , with the purpose of expressing excitement at the turn of a new millennium and reducing anxiety in the new millennium. one generation. At that time, the color Thien Thanh also had a great influence on world culture, becoming the dominant color in interior design and high fashion.

Now, as the world prepares to enter a new decade, perhaps that is why the Pantone Color Institute decided to return to blue, to honor the classic value and ease the anxieties of the past. humanity faces a new challenge.

“Just like then (1999), the world shares anxieties about impending change. That’s why we chose Pantone 19-4052 – Classic Blue – as the color of the year. 2020,” – quoted Laurie Pressman, deputy director of the Pantone Color Institute.

“This blue is peaceful, calming, and gives confidence. It connects people.”

Back to the old value: "Classic Blue" - Classic Blue is officially the color of 2020
Classic blue will be the dominant color in fashion and interior design trends this year.

According to Pressman, Pantone believes that the classic blue color is a symbol of reliability and consistency – elements of great value in this fast-paced and stressful age. Classic blue is the color of the sky at dusk, which is why many people feel moved when looking at it.

“The color of the sky at dusk is reflective, but not too deep and mysterious,” says Pressman. “It speaks to how we feel about predicting the future. When you look at the sky then, the day is not over yet. You begin to think what awaits us ahead? It gives a sense of security, but also thought provoking.

“Classical Lam emphasizes our desire for a solid foundation to have before entering a new age. We are living at a time when faith is needed, and it will give that feeling.”

Back to the old value: "Classic Blue" - Classic Blue is officially the color of 2020
This is a genderless color, regardless of the season, suitable for any age.

According to art experts, classic blue is indeed the most appropriate color at this time. It’s a gender-neutral color palette, regardless of the season, suitable for any age. Moreover, this color can be obtained from completely natural materials, which means that it is also in line with the trend of environmentally sustainable construction over the years.

Some might see classic blue as a nostalgic, old-fashioned color, but Pressman countered it as more of a modern legacy. “We return to the old values because things are gradually becoming more chaotic. This does not mean that we redo what we have done, but take the old values as inspiration for new things only. .”