Top 17 scientists warn of Earth's 'terrible future'

A team of 17 leading scientists has warned about the future of the Earth with increasing climate change and loss of biodiversity threatening the survival of all species.

According to the team of scientists, the world is heading towards a “terrible future” , which is part of a “dark prognosis” for the next years on this planet.

The researchers are continuing to conduct an assessment to clarify the severity of the situation facing the world, which is said to be “more dire and dangerous”.

Citing about 150 studies describing environmental changes around the world, experts warn that environmental conditions are in a much more dangerous state than people can see.

Top 17 scientists warn of Earth's 'terrible future'
From Norway to Canada, the Arctic Ocean is polluted by tiny plastic fibers.

It’s not an exaggeration to talk about a potential danger to the world, said Daniel Blumstein, a professor at the Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development at the University of California, Los Angeles and one of the paper’s authors. “It’s possible that many people realize but they don’t understand the urgency, or they can realize it but don’t want to sacrifice benefits,” says Daniel Blumstein.

Many times, scientists, experts, and environmentalists have warned that the Earth has reached a critical limit. Recent research from the “World Wide Fund for Nature” shows that the world’s wildlife populations have declined by an average of 68% in just over four decades.

In 2010, leaders from 196 countries who attended a meeting in Japan agreed on a list of biodiversity goals designed to save the Earth, but in October 2011, a panel of the United Nations The United Nations concluded that the whole world had failed to achieve a single goal.

The world is in the midst of a 6th mass extinction, and humans are the navigators, hundreds of species have been wiped out, many more have been pushed to the brink of extinction due to the animal trade. over-wildness, pollution, habitat loss and the use of toxic chemicals.

Scientists warn that world leaders need to act to avoid a “dire future” and plan for changes to come.

The goal set out by leading groups of scientists is to get a realistic assessment of the enormous challenges the world faces, and to chart a less destructive future.