6 things, no matter how many questions are asked, do not hesitate to reveal: Especially the last thing to pay attention to

We live in a society of sharing, but having “sharing” will only bring you trouble.

Some people say that, in life, having friends to share all the joys and sorrows of life is a great happiness. That’s true, but sometimes, sharing with the wrong people and at the wrong time can end up costing you more than it gets.

Therefore, being careful in words is never superfluous. And the experts have also summed up and drawn out 6 things, no matter how many questions you get asked, even if the questioner is someone very close to you, it’s better if you don’t say it.

This seems to be an unwritten rule in the workplace: Do not disclose your salary or income, especially to co-workers, to avoid causing comparisons, jealousy, and later problems. problems related to your work.

6 things, no matter how many questions are asked, do not hesitate to reveal: Especially the last thing to pay attention to
Disclosure of your salary can get you into trouble that you yourself did not anticipate. (Illustration)

In fact, there are many people who unintentionally reveal their salary to others, and finally get called up by the boss to reprimand, because this boss has been complained by another employee, wondering, why? At the same job, Mr. A is taller than me, etc., which makes the boss extremely uncomfortable.

In short, as people who work and grow up, you should consider the office as an environment to hone your working skills and advance, don’t think of it as a place to share “sisters and sisters” stories and then turn it around. become a place to gather all kinds of “drama” when it’s not good, just for real.

The famous American journalist Bob Edwards once said it very well, “Never exaggerate your shortcomings, because your friends will do it for you”.

In life, if you are lucky enough to meet good friends, then you will surely encounter many people who appear polite and happy on the outside, but inside, it is unlikely that people have truly appreciated you. love you.

Therefore, exposing your weakness in front of these people is like giving them a weapon to use against you at some point in the future. If you regret it then, it’s too late.

6 things, no matter how many questions are asked, do not hesitate to reveal: Especially the last thing to pay attention to
Instead of revealing your weaknesses, you should work on them first. (Illustration)

Then, it’s better to give all your heart to vent to someone, it’s best to train yourself, overcome your weaknesses, to both perfect and improve your self-worth, and not let others Others take advantage of you and harm you.

In the Bible there is a saying, “When you do good deeds with your right hand, don’t let your left hand know what to do”, implying that if someone does good deeds, just knowing it is enough, no need to go around proclaiming. , “I do a good job, I have helped many people”, not only does not make others thank you, but also sees you as a snob, snob, only likes superficial names, loses all meaning of charity work.

Therefore, whenever you can, help others, and quickly forget what you are doing. Life will repay you in more unexpected and interesting ways.

Our ancestors often taught that, “Say before the step does not pass”. This is indeed not wrong, and the fact is that modern science has also proven that when you talk too much about things that you have not done, invisibly it will create rumors and pressure around you. negative influence, making you more barriers and difficult to realize your plan.

In particular, when you accidentally disclose to your competitors, even if your plan has not started, it has already ended.

Therefore, apply the strategy of “Punch the elephant to death”, you just silently prepare your plan well. Once it’s successful, it’s not too late to introduce it to others, isn’t it?

There is a saying, “Every tree, every flower, every house, every scene”, to imply that everyone’s family has problems, whether rich or poor, whether the family looks happy or not. Unfortunate, so, if your family unfortunately has some sadness, separation, breakup or conflict, then keep it to yourself, don’t tell it all to one person or another.

Surely, you never liked the prospect that one day, your family’s story would become the talk of people all over the city, right?

Remember, outsiders often can’t help you, they listen and let it go, or listen and turn it into a “gift story” for other people, and even though they hear it and have good intentions to advise you, It’s also not sure that they can understand and give you the right advice, so it’s best to use your own reason, emotion and experience to deal with the problems in your family yourself.

The world famous physicist Albert Einstein has a very reasonable saying, which is “Learn from the past, live for the present and hope for the future”, which encapsulates everything you need to do to be happy. happiness in life.

6 things, no matter how many questions are asked, do not hesitate to reveal: Especially the last thing to pay attention to

The past, if you think about it, should only be used to reflect and draw lessons for yourself, so that you don’t make those mistakes again, and most importantly, how to live in the present so that the future can hope.

In particular, the concept of the German physicist also coincides with that of Buddhism: Cherish the present, happiness is right here in this moment. Therefore, you should never wonder about what has not been done, or the past stumbles and mistakes, and worse, to talk about it with the people around you, because it’s like revealing your weakness, it can make you lose the happiness you have.