The special uses of a vacuum cleaner that few people expect

The main function of a vacuum cleaner is to clean dirt on many surfaces such as floors, in cars, stairs, curtains, kitchen countertops, sofas, cushions, foot mats, .., and become an assistant. A good helper to help housewives in housework. However, not only that, the vacuum cleaner also has magical functions that you may not know and apply to.

The following article we will summarize and list the special uses of a vacuum cleaner that few expect .

The special uses of a vacuum cleaner that few people expect
Vacuum cleaners can clean pet hair at the bedding.

Cleaning animal hair on the floor or carpet is already a use that many people know. However, few people pay attention to the use of vacuum cleaners to clean pet hair at the bedding, blankets of pets or on household items with which they come into contact. You may not know, when you put things with pet hair in the wash, too much fur in the washing machine will also cause leaks, damage the water pump system – clog or even damage the water pump. cannot clean completely and clings to other laundry items. You should use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum carpets, blankets, sheets and clothes before putting them in the washing machine to make sure there is no pet hair.

The same goes for hair loss or ruffled hair.

Did you know, vacuuming will help kill up to 96% of both adult and larval fleas present in your home, effectively removing dust mites and the human skin cells they feed on from mattresses. The vacuum cleaner head with vacuum hose is a great device for catching spiders or mosquitoes in the corners of the ceiling. During use, it is possible that the cobweb has been attached to the head of the vacuum cleaner brush, now use a clean white cloth to stick it on the brush head to remove the cobweb.

On some expensive vacuums with a standard filter or HEPA filter, your vacuum cleaner is also capable of removing up to 99% of bacteria, dirt, mites and mold – pathogens that cause disease in the air. respiratory tract, asthma, quite dangerous for young children and groups of people with low resistance. You can use it to vacuum up allergenic dust and pollen from windowsills and other items near windows.

Current vacuum cleaners use Cyclonic vortex suction technology, sucking up to 99% of dirt and bacteria, operating according to the mechanism of removing dust from the air, returning clean air to the environment. Besides, some other vacuum cleaners use more advanced Cyclone technology, creating a powerful vortex of air, optimal bacteria killing.

In addition, there are also some machines with deodorizing filters, which help you remove both odors and tobacco odors in the air.

It is great that many vacuum cleaners are also equipped with Nano or HEPA filters, capable of dehumidifying and drying the air extremely effectively. This feature will work very well in the rainy, humid season, limiting the moldy situation in your family.

Not only has a suction effect, some vacuum cleaners also have a blowing function. When users need to sweep the yard or collect all kinds of garbage such as leaves, fallen flowers, use this feature, blowing together each corner quickly, saving a lot of time and effort instead of sweeping with a broom.

The special uses of a vacuum cleaner that few people expect
Use a vacuum cleaner and baking soda to both clean the dirt and refresh it.

You can use a box of baking soda sprinkled on chairs, pillows, rugs or footbeds, using a damp sponge to spread the baking soda evenly over the surface. Then leave for about an hour and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda powder and dirt. This way both cleans dirt and freshens, makes the surface of the fabric brighter, handles even the lingering odor.

To prevent dust from sticking to the water, you have to wipe many times on objects and leaves when cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a small capacity to suck up the dust and then wipe it with water. This way saves you time and good effort.

The special uses of a vacuum cleaner that few people expect
Vacuum cleaners can clean plaque on electrical wires, refrigerator jack capacitors to help the machine work better.

You should also use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust, plaque on electrical wires, refrigerator jacks to help the machine work better and keep the temperature cooler. For homes with tumble dryers, it’s important to use a vacuum to remove excess lint. Excess lint, ruffled hair in clothing clinging to the vent pipe can catch fire when exposed to continuous hot temperatures, which is the cause of high fires.