The most "brain-damaging" recruitment questions of technology corporations

To get a job at these giant technology corporations is not an easy task.

Large technology corporations such as Apple, Facebook, Google or Amazon are always considered as dream working environments with huge incomes, many benefits and high job satisfaction. But are you qualified to pass the rigorous interview and get the nods of these “big guys”? Recently, Business Insider has collected hundreds of reviews from candidates, and here are 17 of the most unique questions they have ever received in an interview.

Customer care position: “For the rest of your life, if you could only listen to one song, which one would you choose?”

Product manager position: “Pick a city and estimate how many pianists there are?”

Customer care strategic position: “If people would remember you for a saying, what would it be?”

The most "brain-damaging" recruitment questions of technology corporations
Which quote will make your name immortal?

Analyst & Data Researcher: “How many Big Macs does McDonald’s sell across the US each year?”

Online Sales Strategist : “How much would it cost you to clean all the windows in Seattle?”

The most "brain-damaging" recruitment questions of technology corporations
How many windows does Seattle have?

Managing Global Supply: “How Many Babies Are Born Every Day?”

Risk forecaster: “ If I could talk to your best friend, what would they say about you?”

The most "brain-damaging" recruitment questions of technology corporations
It seems like an engineering job at Boeing would be a dream come true.

Engineer at Boeing: “What do you think of lava convection lamps? And the Dilbert comic?

Assistant manager at Hess: “What color do you like?”

Hardware engineer at Intel: “Design spice racks for the blind”.

Corporate Communications at Celgene: “Tell me a story”.

Senior Product Manager at Microsoft: “If you could choose one superpower, would you rather be invisible or fly?”

The most "brain-damaging" recruitment questions of technology corporations

Electrical Engineer at St.Jude Medical: “Why are manhole covers round?”

MasterCard Corporation Director: “What would you do if an employee complained that their co-worker had a terrible body odor?”

Engineering at Cisco: “If you could, what kind of tree would you like to be?

Sales manager at Biogen Idec: “How were you when you were a kid?”

Diabetes therapist at Medtronic: “ What would you hate about this job?”

Amazon is a leading e-commerce corporation not only in the US but also globally with a very diverse concentration of goods. A lot of people dream of working for this giant salesman. But the sad thing is that Amazon’s recruiting questions are as diverse as the store itself.

The most "brain-damaging" recruitment questions of technology corporations

Do you know our CEO? How about pronouncing his name [Jeff Bezos]?

How would you handle things if you were new from Mars?

Have you made a mistake recently and have to apologize to anyone, tell us how you handled it?

How should books be priced on Amazon Kindle?

Tell me, what is the angle formed by the hour and minute hands on a mechanical watch called?

If you are an Amazon representative, Samsung wants to sell 10,000 Samsung Galaxy S3 units at a 34% discount. Is this a bargain?

If you found out that your closest colleague at your company was stealing, what would you do?

If your manager asked you to do something you disagreed with, how would you handle it?

This is a random sequence of numbers from 1 to 250 but is missing a number. How do you find the missing digit?

How do you explain to customers what Wi-Fi is?

How to detect a word that reads forward or backward is the same?