12 "unreasonably expensive" things you still have to buy

Popcorn in the cinema, teeth whitening cream or filtered water in restaurants … are judged to be much more expensive than they really are.

When buying a certain product or service, we have to pay for the goods and related fees such as delivery fees, advertising fees, etc. However, there are still some things that are unreasonably expensive. .

According to a study, we pay 200-300% more than usual price for coffee, confectionery… at the airport. Even if you buy a cup of tea on the plane, the difference between the selling price and the cost can be more than 1,000 times. Airport retailers understand that buyers don’t have many options, so customers are willing to spend money. Many experienced travelers will buy snacks at convenience stores near their homes and bring them to the airport. They can also bring empty bottles/jars to the airport, and after going through security, they will pour water into it to drink.

12 "unreasonably expensive" things you still have to buy
We have to pay 200-300% more than the usual price for coffee, confectionery… at the airport. (Artwork: Depositphoto).

Lego themed sets like “Star Wars”, “Harry Porter”, “Minecraft” … are 25% more expensive than regular sets, while still having the same amount of parts. Of course, Lego-themed makers have to pay royalties for those themes, so themed Lego sets are more expensive than regular sets.

The production of toothpaste is not a technologically complicated process. Expensive toothpastes are just the result of effective marketing, while it doesn’t do any magic on your teeth. Dentists advise against paying too much for such creams, it’s best to visit your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning.

According to the survey, most expensive mattresses are not worth the money people spent on them. Stores add at least 50% to the price, and the higher the price of the mattress, the greater the difference between the selling price and the cost. Economists once pointed out that mattress is a much more profitable commodity than food, clothing…

The price of meat in supermarkets often includes the wages of workers who process this product before it is sold. It also includes the cost of risk, as the time it takes for a meat product to stay on the shelf is short, due to the quality factor. Some sellers may even add some ingredients to minced or ground meat that can affect the taste of the dish.

Of course cinemas don’t make money from movies, because most of the profits go to the production companies. So in order to make money, movie theaters are forced to raise the prices of products such as popcorn, soda, chips… sold there. It is estimated that these productions give theaters an overall profit of about 40%.

12 "unreasonably expensive" things you still have to buy
Popcorn sold at movie theaters is often more expensive than popcorn elsewhere. (Artwork: Pixabay).

The cost of paper books is not as high as we often think. To print a hardcover book, a manufacturer spends about 3.5 USD, while we buy it for many times more. When you buy a new book, you not only pay the author of the book, but the biggest part goes to the publisher – the unit that invested the money in buying the copyright, editing, translating, promoting the work. on the market.

E-books are much cheaper. In addition, some works can be legally downloaded. You can also buy used books to reduce costs.

Manufacturers are constantly promoting new technology devices, but racing with the latest models is not necessary. For example, your old coffee machine makes coffee as good as new ones.

Hair salons of course make half of the world much more beautiful. However, there is one truth that experts in the field of beauty reveal, which is this: there is no fundamental difference in men’s and women’s haircuts, which means we could pay the same for each other. this service. However, female hairdressing services are always more expensive than men’s hairdressing services.

12 "unreasonably expensive" things you still have to buy
Experts in the field of beauty reveal: there is no fundamental difference in haircuts for men and women. (Artwork: East News).

Customers of restaurants and hotels know well that ordering wine in these places is very expensive, so they sometimes order mineral water instead. But of course the restaurants don’t want to lose the opportunity to make money, so they also increase the price of filtered water. So while you might think you’ve saved money by ordering water instead of wine, in reality, the glass of water you ordered costs three times more than usual.

Olive oil is often counterfeited by mixing it with cheaper oils. When we buy a bottle of Olive oil, we can be overpriced by 50-400%. In pursuit of profit, many olive oil producers mix olive oil with cheaper oils, while buyers find it difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.

In addition to harming the ecological environment, tampons also cost you money. You can use menstrual cups, they are not harmful to the environment, but also bring long-term economic benefits to you. It is estimated that using tampons will cost you about 50 USD/year. Meanwhile, using a menstrual cup will only cost you about 6 USD a year.