School time of world geniuses

Surely you will be very surprised to know that Edison is always missed in class and judged as “crazy, should not study longer”, Albert Einstein was afraid to tremble when he had to go to school, the great inventor Edison Self-study is key…

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) was one of the greatest scientists of mankind, who gave birth to the “Theory of Relativity”. He and Newton are two eminent intellectuals who are decisive in the development of modern physical theory.

However, when he was a child, Einstein did not show any outstanding performance, even his intellectual development was very slow. At the age of 4, he still could not speak, Einstein’s father tried everything to help his child develop like other children.

During his time at school, Einstein’s learning ability was very poor, much weaker than other friends. The headmaster of the school Einstein attended also assured his father that “this boy will grow up to be nothing in the future”.

School time of world geniuses
Einstein when he was in school. (Artwork: Tumblr)

The jokes and malicious pranks of everyone around made the boy Einstein very sad. He became afraid to go to school, afraid to face his teachers and friends. He also considers himself to be a really stupid kid.

But thanks to the great encouragement of his mother – a smart, beautiful and highly educated woman, Einstein’s intellect developed rapidly, the boy gradually overcome his inferiority and became optimistic. happy.

Einstein was very fond of asking strange, even monstrous questions, such as: Why does a magnet’s needle point south? What is time? What is space?… Everyone assumes this boy is mentally challenged.

School time of world geniuses
It was Einstein’s problematic questions when he was in school that helped him become a brilliant scientist later. (Artwork: WordPress)

But they did not expect that it was the boy’s problematic questions that helped Einstein achieve his later success.

Newton was a great and influential scientist in the world, the inventor of the law of “universal gravitation “, which laid the foundations for mechanics, optics and classical physics.

The great boy Newton in his school days was always famous for his strange games. He used to frighten and amaze the villagers by playing kite flying at night , but the surprise was that his kite glowed red.

The glowing kite flying in the sky scared everyone and thought of ghosts, thinking it was a fire god or a ghost playing without knowing that it was just a strange game of the boy. Newton then tied a lantern wrapped in red sealed glossy paper to the tail of the kite, which produced the strange light.

School time of world geniuses
Newton was always famous for his strange games in his school days. (Artwork: Wikipedia)

Newton is a quiet and quiet boy who is always thoughtful and does not like to play with many friends.

His happiest moment is hiding in a corner of the garden reading a book and dreaming in a distant sense. In his spare time, he goes to the laboratory or indulges in inventing strange toys. Thanks to that, Newton trained himself with real skills that are very useful for future research.

Unexpectedly, those childhood games at school prepared the young, sick, fatherless boy from birth to become the world’s genius scientist.

Edison is the most representative scientist of the United States and the world, owning 1907 patents – a record in the scientific world. He has also read more than 10,000 books and can read 3 books a day. Edison and the electric light were famous around the world.

School time of world geniuses
When he was in school, he was often ridiculed and ridiculed by his friends. (Photo: Thinkjarcollective)

At the age of 7, Edison attended the only school in the area, with only a class of 40 students, large and small. Edison was seated closest to the teacher, which was originally the seat for the weakest students. While studying, Edison did not pay attention to answering the teacher’s questions, but often asked many difficult questions to the teacher. Therefore, he often wears notebooks and is ridiculed by his friends.

Edison’s teacher once said of him: “This student is crazy, not worth studying longer” . Since then, Edison did not go to school anymore, but stayed at home to study with his mother.

During this time, he and his family had a very difficult life. At the age of 12, Edison had to work on his own to earn money, every day, Edison sold newspapers and marshmallows on the train while tinkering with scientific research.

School time of world geniuses
Edison himself discovered and studied science without going through school. (Photo: Zpply)

Once, while doing an experiment, due to negligence, Edison burned a train carriage. As a result, he was slapped by the train conductor with a tinnitus and kicked out of the train, and banned from going to the tracks. This incident made Edison’s hearing ability become worse and worse until later.

Bill Gates is the co-founder of the world’s largest software corporation Microsoft and is also the creator of important strides in the world’s information technology industry.

School time of world geniuses
Bill Gates was exposed to computers from a very young age. (Artwork: Wired)

When he was in elementary school, Gates is said to have read like porridge from AZ an encyclopedia when he was less than 10 years old. By the age of 11, Gates could already memorize many chapters of the Gospel Bible. Bill Gates’ parents recognized Gates’ unique intelligence and sent him to Lakeside, a famous private school. It was here that he first became acquainted with computers and Paul Allen, who later became his partner.

Gates has been sitting for hours in front of a computer every day since the age of 13. For many young people today, this is very normal. But in the 1960s, computers were still too strange and lacked a user interface.

School time of world geniuses
Bill Gates is the creator of important strides in the world’s information technology industry. (Photo: Sodahead)

The boy’s classmates also commented that he was frighteningly intelligent and always idolized the boy. Any young person at Lakeside School who took the course from 1967-1972 will remember a bright boy named Gates who was often in the school’s computer room.

The opportunity to be acquainted with computers from a very young age is the foundation for Gates to become a billionaire in the world technology village.

Steven Paul Jobs (1955 – 2011) is an American business magnate and legendary inventor, he is also the former CEO of Apple , one of the most influential people of the computer industry. .

The story of this character’s school days is very special, he always comes up with bizarre, naughty and rebellious games. For him, a day without rebellion is actually very boring.

School time of world geniuses
Steven Paul Jobs since childhood was a rebellious person. (Photo: Koupoukis)

In primary school, Jobs was always bored and didn’t have anything new to learn because he was taught to read by his mother during that time. And he started to come up with class rebellions.

By the third grade, his pranks gradually became dangerous, once he put explosives under the teacher’s chair, making her scared to death. As a result, Jobs was returned by the school again and again. However, his parents never reprimanded or scolded him.

To correct him, his teachers and family had to resort to “bribing gifts” to make him obedient, less naughty, and study hard. This way really helped him change a lot, his test scored at the level of a 7th grader.

At this time, Jobs’ teachers and parents discovered that he had an unusual intelligence and decided to let him study beyond grade level, from grade 4 to grade 7.

When he was in the same class with his seniors and seniors, Jobs became lonely, lost and often bullied. He demanded that his parents let him transfer schools and threatened to drop out if he was not satisfied.

In 9th grade, he was transferred to a Homestead High School. In his new school, he became interested in Math, science and electronics. And later Jobs’ mischief was mainly related to electronics. During this time, he also tinkered with his own hands and made a few radios. Thanks to this success, he had the belief that it was possible to make a TV after seeing them on the Catalog.

By his senior year, Jobs had taken an electronics course taught by John McCollum, a former Marine. During the course, he made a device with a photovoltaic system that can switch when exposed to light, an achievement that not every high school student can achieve. .

School time of world geniuses
Young millionaire Adam Khoo – author of 13 best-selling books.

Adam Khoo is one of Singapore’s 25 richest people under 40, a successful businessman, bestselling author and top training expert.

With his own efforts, Adam Khoo became a millionaire at the age of 26. Currently, Adam Khoo is the founder, senior training expert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adam Khoo Education Technology Group.

In addition, Adam is also a leading consultant in the fields of finance, marketing, management, leadership and human potential.

Adam owns many different companies in 7 countries in various fields of education, training, advertising and event organization with total revenue of over 30 million USD per year.

With such great success now, it is hard to believe that, when he was in school, Adam Khoo studied extremely poorly and even was expelled from school.

At the age of 12, Adam was considered a lazy, ignorant, almost retarded child with no hope. When he was in 3rd grade, the boy was kicked out of school and had to move to another place.

In middle school, he was rejected by 6 schools, and ended up going to the worst schools. Even the math teacher once invited Adam’s mother and asked her: ” Why can’t Adam Khoo, a first year middle school student, do 4th grade math?”

Partly because before entering elementary school, the boy hated reading, only liked to play games and watch TV. Due to his refusal to study, a series of F’s made him hate teachers, hate learning, and even hate school.

Napoleon was the first Consul of France, emperor of France and king of Italy, but his French was difficult to speak . Why?

Napoleon Bonabarte was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica which was acquired by the French from Italy a year earlier. So he spoke Italian very well, and French was very bad and he had to practice every day.

School time of world geniuses
The painting shows the authority of Napoleon.

At school, this left-handed boy was always teased by his friends for speaking French slowly and not as standard as his friends. However, Napoleon proved to be very good at studying: Math and History.

When he was 10 years old, his mother sent him to study at a military school. He used his pocket money from a scholarship to send it back to his family. In particular, Napoleon almost never slept, his free time was spent reading books and magazines.

With outstanding talent, Napoleon was inducted into the French Royal Military School in Paris. At the age of 16, he was given the rank of Captain, which has never appeared in human history.

Napoleon built a vast empire across Europe, his name covered the entire era, and he was truly a great man of the world.

Charles Darwin was born into a family with a tradition of education. However, from a young age, the boy’s passion was not the lectures at school by his teachers, but the natural world around him.

Charles Darwin often liked to observe the life of plants, flowers, especially insects. Unlike many other peers, outside of school hours, Charles Darwin often roamed around in the fields, hunting for insects and plants.

School time of world geniuses
Charles Darwin liked to observe the lives of all species.

At school, Darwin’s academic results were not excellent. The boy then spent most of his time in the natural sciences. The deeper into studying the mysteries of wild nature, the more interested and passionate Darwin becomes. He often dreams of going to faraway lands to study more about nature and life.

During university, Darwin joined the association of lovers of natural sciences, discussed issues of geology, zoology, and research team participated in field trips and field trips.

After graduating from university, Darwin boarded the Beagle – a battleship of the British Royal Navy – to begin his first circumnavigation of the world, exploring the mysteries of nature, in faraway lands.

Returning from these voyages, Darwin put together his notes in a systematic way. He initially presented the basic view of the evolution of organisms.