The deadly perfection of the Persian knife

This knife is designed to be able to pierce through mesh armor. It is a dangerous melee weapon that any warrior should be wary of.

The deadly perfection of the Persian knife
The knife has a rather strange contour.

The deadly perfection of the Persian knife
An ancient knife used only for stabbing.

Originating in Iran, it later spread to Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North India. This knife is called Pesh-kabz or Fore-Grip (in Persian). The main function of this knife is that it can pierce through the cavalry’s mesh armor.

Therefore, the design of the knife is also quite special, the tip of the knife is sharp to penetrate the holes of the wire mesh. However, the knife can still be used for slashing attacks. Until now, when modern warfare took the throne, this knife was used as a common melee knife.

The blade is designed in a “T” shape to give strength to the stab and the hardness of the knife. Persian knives have a length of 40–46 cm, while the blade alone is about 28–33 cm. Ancient handles were made from ivory or rhino horn. However there is a lot of wood, metal and even gemstones attached.

The Persian knife is still used today as a personal weapon as well as a rite of passage for coming of age in the Pashtun and other highland Afghan tribes. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, this knife was a commonly used weapon to carry out executions of captured or wounded prisoners.