Leonardo da Vinci's "mechanical lion" build

The Italian Institute of Culture has begun displaying a robotic lion based on a 500-year-old manuscript by the artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci's "mechanical lion" build
A rendering of Leonardo’s robotic lion on display on September 11 in Paris. (Photo: AFP).

The famous robotic lion designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1517 has been completely restored and presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, France. The work will be on display for a month, from September 11, in memory of the great Renaissance painter.

The build is made of wood with a metal texture, measuring 3 x 2 m long x 2 m. This automaton lion was one of Leonardo’s designs to please King Francois I (reigned France from 1515-1547). The machine is recorded as being able to take a few steps, then open its chest to release a bouquet of lilies – a symbol of royal power.

Leonardo da Vinci's "mechanical lion" build
The work is made from wood with metal texture. (Photo: AFP).

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) is considered an almighty genius in history when he is not only good at painting but also a sculptor, architect, musician, doctor, anatomist, mathematician. , paleontologist or great astronomer. He has a great passion for mechanics and owns many robot and automatic machine designs that are far ahead of his time.

“Vinci is the forerunner of mechanics. Imagine these robots that appeared in a room half a millennium ago. They overwhelmed people, even scared them, like there was magic intervention. “, said Mario Taddei, Scientific Director at the Leonardo 3 Museum.