Humans can go extinct at any time

According to scientists at the University of Oxford, the highest probability that 100% of the Earth’s population will perish is 1/14,000.

Not to mention nuclear weapons, biological warfare and a series of other man-made disasters, natural hazards such as supervolcano eruptions and meteorites are also capable of making humanity extinct right away. instant.

According to Nature, research by scientists from the University of Oxford shows that the probability of the entire human species disappearing within a year is up to 1/14,000, a rate that is not low.

Humans can go extinct at any time
The entire human species is at risk of extinction with a probability of 1/14,000. (Photo: Futurism).

Using the Homo sapiens hypothesis, which has existed since 200,000 years ago, along with evolutionary data, the authors built a mathematical model to estimate the likelihood of extinction because of natural risk. .

Factors used to cross-check the data after calculations include: mammal extinction rates, survival times of other human genera, potential disaster rates, and annual extinction rates. series.

Since then, scientists have confirmed that their model has a very high accuracy, the error is only 1 in 1,000,000.

However, the authors argue that man-made reasons have a higher risk of extinction. For example, an infectious disease can kill the entire human race with a probability of 1 in 1,000.

In fact, of the total number of species that have ever existed on Earth, more than 99% have become extinct. Human activity has fueled the extinction of some species, yet countless organisms have gone extinct for a variety of reasons before humans appeared.