Could Darwin have been wrong about the origin of life on Earth?

According to the theory of scientist Charles Darwin, life can be formed in a “warm lake” filled with salts, light, temperature … But this hypothesis may not be correct.

To find a solution after Darwin’s hypothesis, a group of researchers from the University of London have another hypothesis. They have reconstructed the primordial circumstances under which the flash of life could have occurred, and they believe it happened in… deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

Darwin’s theory about the origin of life has just been proven may not be correct.

Could Darwin have been wrong about the origin of life on Earth?
Scientists need more solid evidence when completely rejecting Charles Darwin’s hypothesis.

The team demonstrated the successful generation of primordial cells in a seawater-like environment. In other words, scientists have shown that it can help life grow on its own in deep ocean vents where trapped heat causes chemicals to swirl and react.

Lead author of the study, Nick Lane, said: “There are many competing theories about where and how life begins. Underwater hydrothermal vents are among the most promising locations for the initiation of life. Our findings add weight to that theory with solid experimental evidence.”

While both Darwin’s and Lane’s theories have certain foundations, theoretically, there are other things to consider.

Meanwhile, biologists have another theory that life originated on… Mars and was transported to Earth via asteroids.

Currently, the new hypothesis of British scientists is of particular interest to the scientific community thanks to quite convincing experimental evidence. However, scientists need more solid evidence when completely rejecting Darwin’s hypothesis, which has existed for a long time.