How are alcohol measuring bellows cleaned?

There have been cases of vehicle drivers refusing to take an alcohol test because they think they have to share a mouthpiece with many people.

However, according to information from the authorities, each case of traffic is required to blow the alcohol concentration using a separate blowtorch. As soon as the alcohol test of this person is finished, the traffic police will replace the new tube to continue working with the following cases. This may cause many people not to know that the competent force has replaced the bellows with a new one, but criticized the pipe as unhygienic.

How are alcohol measuring bellows cleaned?
Police measure the alcohol content of road users.

Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Hoai, Head of the Propaganda Team of the Traffic Police Department (Hanoi City Police) replied in the press: ‘There are many bellows attached with alcohol testing equipment. Each test case uses a separate bellows, so it is not affected and very hygienic.”

In fact, in each business trip, the traffic police will carry a lot of breathing tubes so that when checking traffic participants, they will replace each person with a tube. This will avoid unsanitary breathing tubes when drivers are tested for alcohol.

How are alcohol measuring bellows cleaned?
Traffic police often bring many new bellows to check people in traffic

will replace one tube for each person.

In addition, many vehicle drivers also wonder about the accuracy of the alcohol meter . According to the authorities, the type of meter used by the traffic police force is now imported from Australia and advanced countries, tested by the Ministry of Science and Technology , ensuring standard specifications. .

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Nhat, Head of the Traffic Accident Investigation and Propaganda Guidance Department, Traffic Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) replied to the press: “What equipment are the police in advanced countries using? then the traffic police we are using is the same. These machines are always integrated with the printer, have 2 functions of measuring bellows and blowing hopper. The bellows are used once per user, so people have peace of mind , no worries. fear of catching any infectious disease .”