9-year-old boy sets record as world's youngest university graduate

Completing college at the age of nine, young Laurent Simons broke a world record and became the youngest person in history to receive a university degree.

With a minimum IQ of 145, superhuman memory and excellent thinking, boy Laurent Simons born in 2010 in Belgium, currently living in the Netherlands, will become the youngest person to receive a diploma. college later this year.

9-year-old boy sets record as world's youngest university graduate
Laurent Simons was born in 2010 in Belgium.

Accordingly, the boy started his undergraduate program at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) in March 2019, and after only 9 months Laurent passed all the subjects as well as completed the graduation project to graduate. school in December of this year.

Graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, young Laurent will break the previous record of the youngest college graduate, Michael Kearney in 1994. Kearney completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama (USA) in 10 years. year old.

Born in Belgium and raised in the Netherlands, Laurent Simons attended high school at the age of 6, left high school and went to university at the age of 8, and finished it all before he even celebrated his 10th birthday.

Possessing special abilities in memory as well as out-of-the-box thinking, Laurent Simons is passionate about many areas of the natural sciences from Mathematics to Medicine. After graduating from school, he said he would enter the field of Computer Science.

9-year-old boy sets record as world's youngest university graduate
Simons said he really enjoys math.

In Math, Simons said he really likes this subject because it is very broad and has many thought-provoking internal subjects such as probability statistics, algebra or geometry. It takes an average person 10 weeks to complete these subjects, while for a 9-year-old boy it only takes a few days.

Professor Peter Baltus, Simons’ instructor at Eindhoven University, said he was impressed with his students’ abilities and achievements: “At first when I took the class, I found it very strange to have a boy standing in the middle. the ranks of the big boys. But over time, I got used to discussing academic topics with this boy, though sometimes I forget he’s just a kid.”

With such outstanding achievements, Simons is receiving the attention of many universities around the world when constantly receiving invitations from these schools.​

“I love going to California, the weather is beautiful there, everything is great, but besides that I also want to go to London,” Simons told the Telegraph, hinting that he was undecided between admission to college. Harvard and Oxford, Cambridge.

9-year-old boy sets record as world's youngest university graduate
Laurent has many special abilities in memory as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

The boy’s father, Alexander Simons, said: ” My son receives many offers from professors in the US, he also likes to come to the US because there are many opportunities for development. However, I think my son will choose Oxford and go to England.

No matter where I go, my family will come along to take care of me because even though I’m about to study for a master’s or doctorate, my child is still just a boy. Either way, the competition to get into these prestigious schools is extremely tough.”

Professor John Wilkes, Dean of the Faculty of Science at the American University (Switzerland), was a mentor to Laurent Simons when he was 6 years old, shared: “I used to study at Oxford University so I also want to be guided. his student entered this school. Not only has a long history as well as top quality education, but it also has a very good environment for Simons to develop himself.

I taught him a program for 16-year-olds when he was only 6 years old. In the process of studying, I see that this is a boy who has all the ingredients to become an outstanding prodigy and can develop even more in the future.”

Although considered a prodigy with outstanding academic achievements, but Laurent Simons is still just a boy with interests like any other child. Outside of school, he plays with his dog and visits his grandparents in the countryside, playing Fortine and Minecraft with his friends.

Simons also cherishes distant dreams like his peers. The boy said he wanted to become an astronaut to explore things beyond the sky, but now he wants to focus on medicine and become a heart surgeon. circuit.

9-year-old boy sets record as world's youngest university graduate
Simons also cherishes distant dreams like his peers.

“My grandparents in the countryside are old. Old age does not make grandparents tired like heart disease. Heart attacks as well as unhealthy hearts cause grandparents many problems in daily activities. This is the reason and the motivation for me to try to become a cardiologist in the fastest time” , shared Simons.

Professor Peter Baltus added before the news that his student stood on the threshold of choosing a school to continue his studies: “I really don’t want to say too much, but obviously the boy is 3 times smarter than other students. my other member. Not only does he memorize quickly, but he also has a very different way of thinking to solve situations in a unique way that is hard for anyone else to think of.”

Simons’ parents, 29 years old this year, have followed their child to receive a high school diploma in the surprise of everyone in the hall, sharing their feelings of anxiety when the super kid will receive his college diploma in the coming year. December is here.

“Currently my child has not made a final decision and is still thinking about future plans. We do not interfere no matter what decision it is, we always support and help children achieve their dreams, as long as it is something that they like, “said Simons parent.