7 types of flowers to give and not to give on March 8

Every year, on March 8, besides gifts, fresh flowers are always a favorite choice of many people. But each type of flower has many meanings and conveys different messages. So what kind of flowers should and should not be given on this 8/3 is indeed not a simple matter. Let’s find out together below!

Each type of rose represents different levels of love such as: Red roses express an intense and bold love; white roses represent innocence, grace and purity; orange roses represent love mixed with jealousy; Pink roses express love and affection…

7 types of flowers to give and not to give on March 8

The meaning of the wallflower is as beautiful as its name. It’s gentle, calming and profound.

Sunflowers always face the sun, so they are often a symbol of loyalty, deep loyalty and an undying love – always shining like the sun. Sunflowers also represent faith and hope in love.

Cloves show your steadfastness and iron heart for that person.

Chrysanthemum flowers have a very special feature that even though they wilt, the leaves never fall from the scene. This seems to show the loyalty, sincerity and eternity in the love that a gentleman has for his beauties.

7 types of flowers to give and not to give on March 8

Gratitude carries the meaning of dating. This flower has another name that sounds very popular, “sword orchid”. The flower is called sword orchid because its leaves are long like a blade, called gladiola in English. Sword orchid is often given to the person you secretly love with the meaning that you hope to meet your lover. Therefore, the recipient will try to make an appointment to meet the sender of the flower. If you receive the bouquet without knowing the sender’s intention, it is a waste of the giver.

Above are the suggestions as well as the meaning of each type of flower that you need to know to avoid choosing flowers with bad meanings for your loved ones on this holiday. Choose for yourself a suitable flower as well as the ones you want to send to your loved one! Wishing you a very happy and happy March 8th!