Cold with a "death knife" from Congo

This sword was found in a tribe in the Congo, it was only used in the execution of criminals and prisoners.

Between the 19th and 20th centuries, European explorers found these swords among the Congolese tribes. According to ancient sketches, the indigenous people used this weapon in the execution of prisoners, although there is still controversy about this weapon.

In the vernacular, this sword is called “Ngulu knife” which means “death knife” , this weapon is found most of the territory of the Congo, comes from the Ngombe tribe . Only the chief of the tribe or those with authority in the village have the right to hold this sword.

Cold with a "death knife" from Congo
Chief of the Ngombe tribe.

The total length of the blade is about 66cm, the shape is quite like a scythe with serrated lines below.

Cold with a "death knife" from Congo
Knife death.

The “death knife” is only used on some special occasions. They choose a prisoner, tie the prisoner’s head to the top of a tall tree with good elasticity, make him kneel while his neck is being stretched by the branch, then the chief will cut off his head with a knife and ask for help. the elasticity of the tree causes the person’s head to shoot out. After the prisoner was decapitated, the rest of the body was cut evenly and the tribe began to feast on the remaining flesh of the prisoner.

Cold with a "death knife" from Congo
Sketch of the Ngombe tribe’s sacrifice.

The Ngombe people are known as a cannibal tribe in the Congo, in addition to the executions on them, they organize competitions to hunt people and kill nearby clans for food.

This tribe is still present in the Congo, although they have abandoned the practice of cannibalism, but they still keep the sacrifice rituals with goats instead of using humans as before.