You should reuse as much paper as possible but except this paper

Instead, dispose of this paper as soon as possible. Because you can get some bad health consequences.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of trees on Earth are cut down to produce paper. For toilet paper alone, the number is already 27,000 plants.
This number, along with the serious reality that comes from the process of climate change, is demanding that we take more responsibility for nature and the environment. And one of the ways to help you do this is to actively save and reuse paper.

However, there is one type of paper you should never recycle or even touch. That is the receipt paper .

You should reuse as much paper as possible but except this paper

Think back, don’t the purchase receipts you touch always feel so smooth? That could be a sign that the paper contains BPA , and also a reason that you should throw it away and immediately, don’t waste time keeping it.

Because BPA (Bisphenol-A) is an industrial chemical that is rated as dangerous. It was used in the production of hard plastic bottles and baby bottles in the 1960s, until people realized its harmful effects.

Specifically, the evidence indicates that BPA can cause hormone disorders, weaken the immune system and some serious health problems.

BPA can be easily absorbed into the body through contact. If only once or twice, it may not be significant, but over a long period of time exposure is not beneficial to health.

Because of this, some countries such as the US and Japan have had to issue a ban on printers using thermal transfer paper containing BPA. Instead, they used another chemical that is considered safer: BPS – or Bisphenol S.

However, BPS itself is being questioned, as evidence shows that the chemical can increase the formation of fat cells through exposure alone. This, of course, is not good for health.

You should reuse as much paper as possible but except this paper Recycling receipts does more harm to the environment than good.

Indeed, also because of the risk that such paper contains BPA.

When you put receipt paper into a recycling plant, you’re contributing to the release of BPA into the environment – becoming tissue paper, toilet paper, even food wrappers. And you certainly wouldn’t want to do this knowing that BPA is absorbed through food at a much faster rate.

So, instead of recycling receipts, throw them in the trash to get the job done. And remember to wash your hands after touching the receipt!