Why is the lyrics sad but "Happy New Year" still makes people want to listen?

By default, at the beginning of the year, in both the East and the West, people want to come with joy and excitement, as a lucky and auspicious forecast at the beginning of the year. But why is the song “Happy New Year” so sad, still making people want to listen?

Recently, a study conducted by the psychology clinic MindMovers Psychology (located in Sydney, Australia) explains why we sometimes “dislike” or “fear” the coming of the new year. Accordingly, there are people who are excited to welcome the new year, and there are people who are not… not.

Western mentality is no different from Eastern people; there are also people who eagerly await the New Year’s Eve, the long holiday with a series of parties; and there are also those who are “afraid” of the New Year’s Eve moment , afraid of the long holiday with many invisible pressures. This has even become the subject of psychological research.

The most common thing is that the beginning of the new year is always portrayed as the most important moment , with a lot of uplifting emotions, when people watch fireworks, toast, turn on music, laugh. Saying and congratulating… Default common psychology for that moment must be the most beautiful expectations, when people stand in front of a new year that has just opened up in front of them.

At the moment of sacred New Year’s Eve, there are people who are elated with high hopes of new things, and conversely, there are also people who suddenly feel an extraordinary calm inside, they are not happy, Excitedly waiting for the new year, there are many psychological features that are intertwined, contradictory, busy…

Why is the lyrics sad but "Happy New Year" still makes people want to listen?
ABBA’s “Happy New Year” has “hit” the psychology of a group of people who are always silently mourning before the coming new year.

Psychologists have confirmed that there are two such opposing psychological groups that exist at the beginning of the new year as an interesting and very characteristic difference of people when facing the twisting changes of the times. time.

And surely, that is also a compelling reason to understand why “Happy New Year” – the song that is so familiar to the legendary ABBA group, despite its very sad lyrics, it has been throughout the decades. one of the most listened to New Year’s Eve songs, both in the East and in the West.

ABBA’s “Happy New Year” has “hit” the psychology of a group of people who are always silently mourning, quietly “slightly sad” with a full aftertaste when standing before a new year has just opened.

“Happy New Year ” is the most famous song by the legendary band ABBA, from their 1980 album “Super Trouper” . Initially, during the making of the album, the song had a very interesting name, both humorous and full of the nature of the Christmas – New Year season, which was “Daddy Don’t Get Drunk on Christmas Day” (Three) Oh, don’t get drunk on Christmas Day).

Although it was recorded and included in the album “Super Trouper” in 1980, it was not until 1999 that this famous song was released as a single due to the success of the song and the public’s demand to listen to this song every single day. the occasion of the new year is too big, even at a time… 19 years after its debut.

So far, no New Year’s song has been able to surpass the success of “Happy New Year” on a worldwide scale.

After more than three decades, that melody continues to move people’s hearts every time they witness the moment of New Year’s Eve, the transition period between the old year and the new year. The song’s melody sounds warm, gentle, evokes fluttering, and in fact its content also conveys many emotions of people’s hearts when standing in front of the flow of time.

“Happy New Year” is not filled with joy, love, and hope like many other New Year songs. The song is not “smug” calling people to cheer up, have faith, then all good things will come…

“Happy New Year” on the contrary, somewhat pessimistic, carries a typical sadness of the human heart when faced with the endless flow of time. Every time the melody of “Happy New Year” plays, we feel our hearts settle down with an unnamed, indescribable, inexplicable sadness that is very typical of New Year’s Eve moments.

A year has passed with so many joys and sorrows, ups and downs, ups and downs… Faced with the constant movement and change of time, how can people avoid feeling barbaric, anxious, and sad? …

Why is the lyrics sad but "Happy New Year" still makes people want to listen?
The melody of that song continues to move people’s hearts every time they witness the New Year’s Eve moment.

The lyrics of “Happy New Year” are actually somewhat gloomy with the idea of a young couple sitting together after a noisy night party with friends to welcome the New Year’s Eve. Looking back at the remnants of the fun that ended with firecrackers, bottles… they felt a little sad and empty.

The party was over, only the couple and a cold, cold morning remained. They remember what happened in the past year, happy and sad… They worry about the future, who knows what will happen ten years from now, what awaits ahead…

At this time, when only “half” remained, they wished each other the most sincere New Year’s greetings in such a setting and mood. They wish each other to live with dreams and have the will to fulfill those dreams, because without dreams and will, we will not have the motivation to continue walking in this life.

The sadness in the lyrics is conveyed through a beautiful and deep melody that makes listeners feel the aftertaste of sadness and joy, disappointment and hope, not too melancholy but also not “funny optimism “. present and future.

Listening to “Happy New Year” every New Year has become so familiar to many of us, that just listening to the melody, feels a thrill and excitement. And no matter how many years have passed, and for many more years to come, many people still love to hear “Happy New Year”.

Introducing the translation of the song “Happy New Year”:

No more champagne/ Fireworks gone/ It’s just us, you and me/ Feeling empty, feeling sad/ The party’s over/ Mornings are dreary/ It’s not like yesterday/ Now’s the time let us say…

Happy New Year/ Wish we all share the same dream/ For a world where every neighbor is a friend/ Happy New Year/ Wish we all have hopes and wills to try/ Because otherwise we might just lie down and give up/ Both you and me.

Sometimes I see / A whole new world comes bravely / I see the world rise strong / From the ashes of life / Yeah, people are stupid / Thought I’d be fine / Walk away, Clay feet / Not knowing that I’ve lost my way / Still trying to move on at all costs…

For you now/ All the dreams we had before/ They’re all gone, there’s nothing left/ Like firecrackers on the floor/ A decade has passed (song released in 1980 – caption)/ In 10 years/ Who knows what we’ll find/ Who knows what lies ahead/ In 1989… (the song has a chronological connection to the time it was released – caption ).