Why do pirates and sailors often wear this item?

The idea that pirates wear this item is only for decoration, but the truth is not so simple.

If you are a fan of pirate movies, you will not be able to ignore the Blackbeard pirates or the cult character Jack Sparrow…

However, there is a fact that not everyone notices that pirates in real life often wear a pair of large earrings , and these earrings are often precious earrings made from gold and silver.

Are these earrings worn by pirates simply to beautify, show personality or have other purposes?

Why do pirates and sailors often wear this item?
Real-life pirates often wear a pair of large earrings.

In fact, the presence of this accessory goes beyond fashion sense and towards a much more long-term purpose.

There is quite interesting information, that is, young sailors at the beginning of the profession – if you cross the equator for the first time in your life or go through some special areas (such as the Cape of Good Hope) will be pierced with earrings to mark. events in this life.

In addition to marking important events, earrings are also believed by many people for a number of other religious purposes.

Many seafarers believe that wearing earrings in certain shapes can exorcise evil spirits, increase eyesight and prevent seasickness.

However, according to researchers, earrings made of rare metals such as gold and silver are unlikely to help improve eyesight or prevent seasickness – but it has another important role in the life of a sailor.

Specifically, with a wandering life and being able to face death at any time, pirates often try to accumulate a pair of valuable tips.

Because if unfortunately killed, anyone who finds the body can sell these earrings and use the money to bury them, or send their bodies back to their homeland. Therefore, there are many pirates who also engrave their name and hometown on this jewelry.