Why do knowledgeable people drink alcohol?

Russian scientists conducted a study to explain why people with knowledge often drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is a common habit found in many people. The reason leading to today’s alcohol addiction also comes from many reasons. But perhaps, people still do not understand why many educated people often drink alcohol.

As explained by Russian scientists, first of all, alcoholic beverages often make people fall into a state of escape from reality or from difficult problems in the present .

However, this is only a temporary solution to bring a “false exit” to the battle with life circumstances.In this case, many people with high awareness are still easily tempted to fall into the road of alcoholism because they can’t figure out how to deal with the actual difficulty .

Why do knowledgeable people drink alcohol?
Many people drink with the desire to escape reality.

In addition, due to too much focus on professional work, many intellectuals find it very difficult to communicate with people, especially with the opposite sex, about life issues. Drinking may be a way to help them overcome their shyness and be able to talk more freely.

In particular, researchers or academia often find it difficult to live in a world that they fully understand in all aspects and often have a negative color. So they started drinking, to see things more simply. When they start talking, they can approach a serious problem in the most casual and straightforward way.

Besides, many people want to maintain a feeling of happiness and excitement at work , so they always maintain a daily amount of alcohol in their body. This habit in the long run causes severe alcoholism.

Doctors advise that the abuse of alcohol will adversely affect human health, especially negatively affecting the brain and thinking. Alcoholism can be cured, if people recognize it early and go to a counselor and treat it.