When do people often make unwise decisions?

Recent research by scientists from the University of Dundee, Scotland shows that when people are hungry, people are more likely to make unwise decisions.

The research team conducted tests on 50 volunteers, in which each person in turn answered multiple choice questions on topics such as food, money, housing, and some parts of the world. other material rewards.

When do people often make unwise decisions?
When hungry, people often make unwise decisions? – (Photo: SCIENCE).

Each topic the volunteers will answer twice, once full, once hungry.

As a result, on an empty stomach, the majority of participants preferred small, often ready-to-eat options… For example, they only chose a hamburger instead of a fancy dinner at restaurant 3. stars, or choose to receive the bill instead of the 0 bill.

About 80% of volunteers when hungry choose items of value 2-3 times, even up to 10 times, compared to normal decisions.

The group did a quiz that asked participants to choose if they could double their reward for a period of time, how long could they wait?

Normally most people want to wait and are willing to wait up to 35 days to get double the reward. However, on an empty stomach, they just want this time to be as long as 5 days.

When do people often make unwise decisions?
Not only decisions related to eating, even other issues such as money or housing, people often make unwise decisions when hungry – (Photo: SCIENCE).

Scientists say the study shows a significant disparity in people’s decisions when they are normal and when they are hungry, which many people rarely realize.

Dr. Benjamin Vincent (University of Dundee), leader of the research team, said that previous work has shown that being too hungry affects each person’s eating decisions, such as often choosing only attractive dishes but often only choosing foods that are attractive to people. less nutrients.

However, their research shows that an empty stomach also affects other decisions, including money matters. “Therefore, when you need to decide on important issues when you are hungry, you need to consider it very carefully, you can consult a trusted person, to avoid mistakes” – Dr. Vincent advised.

The study is one of many group programs that aim to find the links between psychology and behavioral economics, thereby making it possible to compile statistics on the factors that influence customers’ decisions in business. .