What is sodium cyanide?

Like Potassium cyanide, Sodium cyanide is considered extremely toxic, just for a small amount can kill an adult in a split second.

So how to recognize and promptly handle, save the victim’s life in a split second?

According to Wikipedia, Sodium cyanide has the chemical formula: NaCN , which is an extremely toxic chemical compound . Immediate medical attention is needed in case of cyanide poisoning, as it rapidly leads to death. Like its analogue, Potassium cyanide, NaCN has an odor similar to that of almonds, but not everyone can smell it due to genetics.

Like potassium cyanide, this is a compound used for chemical plating or polishing. They are widely used in the jewelry industry, in the mining industry of gold mines to separate gold from gold ore.

What is sodium cyanide?
Sodium cyanide is a very toxic substance, causing death in very low doses.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Hong Con (Faculty of Chemistry, University of Natural Sciences, VNU) said that sodium cyanide is a very toxic and deadly substance that only requires an extremely low dose . Along with Potassium cyanide , the compound Sodium cyanide is listed as one of the top poisons in the world.

Usually, when exposed to sodium cyanide, they will be poisoned even if the person who is poisoned does not know they are infected with cyanide. Here are the telltale signs, divided into 3 stages:

If the above signs are detected, the helper should quickly take the person with sodium cyanide poisoning to the nearest medical facility for timely emergency. This chemical is a fast-acting poison, within 2 hours if not treated promptly, it will cause death. These signs of chemical poisoning need to be very attentive to quickly detect and treat and remove toxins in time.

Cyanide compounds are generally extremely dangerous. When poisoned in large amounts, the brain and heart will be severely damaged before leading to death.

According to Wikipedia, when suffering from sodium cyanide poisoning, first aid should be given to the victim by giving oxygen to breathe. In factories that use sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide often has a first aid kit available in case of poisoning, which includes amyl nitrite, sodium nitrite, methylene blue, and sodium thiosulfate.

Glucose has the ability to significantly slow down the toxicity of cyanide compounds, while protecting cells by forming chemical bonds with sodium cyanide. However, people need to remember that glucose does not have the ability to detoxify when intoxicated with sodium cyanide.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Due (Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital) warned that when being poisoned with cyanide, people cannot handle it themselves but must quickly go to a medical facility to receive active treatment and use it. antidote .

When going to the emergency room, place the patient on a safe side (lower half on stomach, face to one side) when the patient has a seizure. Do not let the patient fall. Do not use a hard object to insert a convulsion victim’s mouth , but rather use a soft object such as a towel.