What is RP7 anti-rust oil?

Anti-rust oil RP7 is an oil packaged in the form of a multi-purpose spray bottle, which has many effects against rust (rust), lubricating, protecting metal against corrosion, … for engines.

RP7 Spray Oil is a blend of a high quality, highly permeable oil, formulated using an innovative formulation and a chemical concentrate to create a rust resistant rp 7 oil.

RP7 Anti-Rust Spray Oil is composed of a blend of a highly permeable, lubricating oil with an innovative formulation and an effective anti-rust concentrate.

What is RP7 anti-rust oil?
RP 7 oils help protect metals against rust and corrosion.

RP7 Spray Oil is a highly absorbent, greasy, rust resistant premium oil with an innovative formulation. Spray on the rusted part of the metal, wait a few minutes, then wipe it with a thick cloth. Removes even the most stubborn rust.

RP 7 anti-rust oil has the effect of washing water out of spark-spreading parts such as motorcycle spark plugs, relays and wet engines to keep the engine dry, protecting it to ensure smooth operation. .

Stops the engine generated by material rubbing and eliminates the squeaking sound from the door – Moving Detail. hinges – Wheels, toys – bicycle chair and chain.

For easy loosening of rusted parts, RP 7 lubricants have an improved formulation that penetrates and lubricates rusted, water-infested metal parts such as Bolts and Nuts. , Locks – Zippers and tools – Gears of the motor.

RP 7 oils help protect metals against rust and corrosion. With an improved formula to help protect metal against rust and oil corrosion RP 7 helps protect equipment and machine parts, Tools, Motorcycles, bicycles. Conductors and cores, Metallic materials, Garden tools from rust and rust damage set, protect them safely.