What is Moissanite Stone?

Moissanite in the last 5 years has received strong attention . This interest creates a relatively clear competitive force with natural diamonds. So what made this difference? Let’s find out in the following article to know more about Moissanite.

Moissanite, with the chemical symbol (SiC) , is formed from the mineral Silicon Carbide or Carborundum . Through a process of about 6 million years under high pressure and temperature, a Moissanite will be formed.

What is Moissanite Stone?
Moissanite Stone.

Compared to natural diamonds, Moissanite has a slightly lower hardness of 9.5 , but higher than many other gemstones. When compared to natural diamonds, Moissanite still has similar properties, such as thermal conductivity (higher), dispersion, color and even use value in real conditions (lower). That is why, in the first stages of discovery, people mistakenly think this is a natural diamond.

In the world, there is a very reputable data system for researchers to refer to, which is Mindat. This is an online, independent and non-commercial mineral database, providing the most prestigious and richest source of mineral resources in the world. The system has listed detailed characteristics of Moissanite as follows:

These physical properties in terms of comparison of Moissanite and natural diamond, the similarity is up to 98%. This similarity is the source of the misjudgment, mistaken that this is a natural diamond in the first time when scientists find it.

Optical properties of a gemstone. Tell us the color, its dispersion in the natural environment. This helps us to appreciate the beauty and ability of a stone to create value. In Moissanite tablets important parameters to pay attention to are:

What is Moissanite Stone?
The light shining on the Moissanite stone will create a beautiful array of light.

Hodgkinson is a method that uses light to locate and distinguish diamonds. Under natural conditions by shining light on. If the same intensity of light, if the ray tends to be spherical then it is moissanite. Then the light ray radiating into a triangle with the isosceles vertex is the obtuse vertex, then it is CZ stone. And if the ray has an isosceles acute angle, it is a natural diamond. This is reflected by the wavelength and light intensity of each ray of light under ideal conditions.

These values when comparing Moissanite leather with natural diamonds. You won’t see much of a difference. Because with a similar physical property, it also means that the optical properties of the stone are also somewhat similar.

Through these values, we can clearly see that the color Moissanite creates a very enchanting beauty when we shine a strong light on it. When we go outdoors, or go to an indoor party, the reflection from the stone will create an extremely attractive beauty. This will attract all eyes, and increase the confidence of the owner.

In terms of value, it seems that no gemstone can surpass natural diamonds. But in terms of efficiency, direct competition, then natural diamond may have to be shy by Moissanite.

This comes from the price range to own a Moissanite will be much easier to breathe when wanting to own a natural diamond. The most obvious thing is that the same size, Moissanite stone costs 1/15 even 1/20 of the natural diamond.

Another aspect is the practical element. Obviously Moissanite jewelry with the same beauty, sparkle and durability, but the price is up to 1/15-1/20 times cheaper.

About the cut: Moissanite has all the cutting angles like natural diamonds, from the cut corners: Round, Princess, Emerald, Pear, Radiant, Marquise, Cushion, Heart, Oval, Asscher. However, the 8 hearts & arrows cut is the most popular because this cut has the highest fire luster like a natural diamond. With such cut shapes, it is difficult to distinguish natural diamond and Moissanite with the naked eye.

The choice is called natural diamond, should be reserved only when you determine that the item is not only a jewelry item, but it also represents an image and affirms your class, which seems to the people who do not have many special needs, this choice is completely unworthy.

Here are more shares about frequently asked questions when people start learning about Moissanite. These things are nothing new, but there are many answers to the same question and in fact they are sometimes very different.

What is Moissanite Stone?
All of Moissanite’s hardest and most beautiful cuts.

Moissanite is composed of Silicon Carbide or Carborundum. In nature, we often encounter white-gray stones. But that is the most ideal condition.

There are factors such as pressure impact. Underground storage times are external influences. Or like the mixing of impurities and essence in the process of formation. It is the internal element that the stone will have different colors. Typical for this are the words green, blue, yellow, black, colorless…

What is Moissanite Stone?
Mohs hardness scale and common gemstones.

To assess the hardness of a gemstone. Then we have a hardness scale called Mohs. This is the quantity that characterizes the scratch resistance on minerals as measured by the criterion of minerals with greater hardness. Will scratch minerals with lower hardness.

If considered on this scale, the hardness of Moissanite is 9.5, lower than that of natural diamond at 10 (absolute). And much higher than Corundum (9.0), Topaz (8.0) or Quartz (7.0).

Moissanite has a hardness close to that of natural diamond. If you are after the value of the stone, to show it off to everyone every day when you meet it, then this should be a secondary choice after natural diamonds.

And if you pursue beauty, let the jewelry honor and perfect your own beauty, then this is the choice that can’t be more reasonable. Its most logical, is that you can put all your trust in its strength and shine so that wherever you go, you can be more confident.

After what has been shared, you must be very confused and do not know if Moissanite is a reasonable choice to choose to buy. This decision should be based on two important things that you need to read carefully below.

If you buy in a jewelry set with Moissanite attached. Then this is a perfect choice, good value for money because of the same value, durability, and beauty, Moissanite is no less than natural diamond.

And if you want to buy to keep, this is actually a good choice, because over time the price of Moissanite does not fluctuate much. Prices are relatively stable over time.

Understand that the value here is the price you have to spend and the price for you to own it. It is partly determined by beauty. Partly because of the scarcity. So if you are passionate about gems and have a lot of money, you can choose natural diamonds.

In conditions that do not allow you to choose Moissanite with natural diamond-like properties up to 98%.

What is Moissanite Stone?
Common sizes of a Moissanite stone.

Experience buying Moissanite, if you need to honor your own beauty, choose Moissanite rings with a balanced design to the hand, finely carved to enhance its beauty.

However, consider financial factors to choose the right type of diamond for your needs and intended use. Avoid “overstretching your hand” , the amount of money spent is too large compared to your actual use needs.