What is a Michelin star?

Today, the Michelin star has gone beyond the function of an award, but has become a reliable standard for evaluating the quality of a restaurant and the skill of its chefs. Even many restaurants that only need to own 1 Michelin star will have many advantages in business.

As for chefs to achieve 1 Michelin star, they need to put a lot of effort into training and honing their skills. Getting a Michelin star is hard, keeping a Michelin star is even harder. So what is this prestigious award, where does it come from, what are the standards to achieve?

What is a Michelin star?
Michelin Star is one of the most prestigious and noble awards of the culinary industry. (Source: Internet).

The Michelin star serves as the most desirable element of the famous culinary guide The Michelin Guide, which was born in 1900. This magazine introduces specialties and quality places to eat in the UK and Ireland and Today, it has gone beyond the scope of global cuisine. It can be said that the Michelin star in the culinary village is as prestigious and noble as the Grammy in music or the Oscar in movies.

However, the number of Michelin gold stars for each restaurant will not be fixed each year. Because in addition to awarding, the Michelin experts will take away the number of stars if the restaurant does not maintain the quality. Therefore, every year the “race” for the Michelin gold star for chefs, businesses, and catering establishments is also extremely stressful.

The Michelin Award consists of 3 different ranks (in order from lowest to highest): 1 – 2 – 3 stars. However, to this day, the detailed and specific standards for achieving Michelin stars are still unknown, but for each star level, they are demarcated as follows:

What is a Michelin star?
The Michelin Award also includes 3 levels from 1 to 3 stars with different criteria. (Source: Internet).

Every year, Michelin Guide’s culinary experts will hide themselves and go to restaurants to enjoy the food. The work of these culinary experts is always kept confidential, even from their relatives to ensure the most objectivity and fairness. After enjoying the service at the restaurant, they will discuss and evaluate together in the most fair way. Because of such an objective assessment, this award is always appreciated by both inside and outside the culinary world.

According to the observations of many culinary experts and restaurant managers, the Michelin rating standard is a combination of many synchronous factors. They will include:

However, in the last few years, there are still a few restaurants with extremely simple style that are still awarded Michelin stars, but of course, the quality of the food is still a top priority. Therefore, the Michelin award has long been an interesting field for those in the culinary industry.

What is a Michelin star?
Michelin-starred dishes must ensure many different factors. (Source: Internet).

Similar to the Oscar of cinema or the Grammy of music, the Michelin star is an important symbol of the culinary world around the world. The Michelin star represents the quintessence of cuisine and is intended to measure the quality of a restaurant. Let’s take a look at the famous Michelin-starred restaurants in the world with CET below: