Whale graves bubbling red like blood

The unusual phenomenon of bubbling beaches in the Samoa Islands attracts the attention of many visitors and local residents.

Whale graves bubbling red like blood
The strange crater continuously bubbled and spewed dark red liquid like blood on the sand’s surface.

Footage taken by tourist David Little on October 27 while walking on a beach in the Samoa Islands, south Pacific Ocean shows strange craters continuously bubbling and spewing red liquid. as dark as blood on the surface of the sand. The surrounding air is also described as having a rather strong odor.

According to local reports, the phenomenon originated from a decomposing whale carcass . Three days earlier, a 9-meter-long humpback whale died after running aground on the beach. The location recorded in the video is where the giant animal’s body is buried.

Justin Viezbicke, an expert from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that the decomposition of whale carcasses often produces huge amounts of gas and liquid. Effervescence on the surface of the burial pit can last for several weeks or even months.

Crater spewing bubbles of gas and blood-red liquid on a beach in Samoa. (Video: Storyful).