This is the most dangerous sitting position when you are in a car

This position puts you at greater risk of serious injury every time an accident happens, according to a new study. Car accidents are among the highest among the means of transport today.

Economic development helps the number of people use cars more and more popular. But even so, statistics show that cars are also one of the vehicles with the highest risk of accidents, just behind motorbikes but far ahead of planes, buses, trains and ships.

The story here is that when traveling by car, each location has a different level of danger . A lot of people believe that the driver bears the greatest risk. But according to a recent study, the most dangerous position is actually in the rear seats .

This is the most dangerous sitting position when you are in a car
The most dangerous position is actually in the rear seats.

The study was conducted by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) of the United States, to find out about the safety of rear-seat passengers in the event of an accident. The results showed that people in the back seat had a higher risk of injury and even death than the driver and passenger seats.

And of course, everything has a reason. As the IIHS explains, automakers have put a lot of effort into improving front-row safety – including new airbag technology, seat belt quality, and more. Meanwhile, The rear seats don’t get the attention they deserve. According to their research, the rear seat belt’s ability to limit force is somewhat worse.

“Manufacturers have worked hard to protect the driver and the front passenger seat.” – David Harkey, director of IIHS said. 

The study investigated 117 accidents in which back seat occupants were killed or seriously injured. The results showed that in many cases, passengers in the back seat suffered more damage, indicating a difference in safety between the two rows of seats.

Harkey said the study’s conclusions could push manufacturers to improve safety for the rear seats. For example, seat belt restraints can be raised, or rear airbags can be installed. However, it is not a technology that can be implemented overnight.