The secret to survival in ancient Roman society was to have a thick face!

That is a conclusion that has been proven by a historian through his latest research.

One of the scariest elements of society in the age of technology is that information spreads too quickly. Just one shocking information is released is enough to attract countless criticisms from the public, regardless of whether the authenticity has been verified or not.

But according to Professor Martin Jehne from the University of Technology Dresden (Germany), the stones used by netizens today are far from the insults of people in the past, but specifically in the Roman era. Ancient code.

The secret to survival in ancient Roman society was to have a thick face!
Statue of Marcus Tullius Cicero – the famous politician of ancient Rome who was also very often disparaging others.

According to Professor Jehne, the “oral karma” of the ancient Romans was really horrible and cruel. They are willing to let go of sexual slurs to offend the other, even slander. And the more severe the insult, the more advantages the “verbal” person receives, especially in the political arena.

That is what is stated in the recent study of Professor Jehne. According to the professor, such disparaging words at that time did not have too much impact on the speaker’s standing in society. Today, uncontrolled use of language can get you fined, or blocked on social networking sites.

“The ancient Romans were not very interested in slandering and slandering each other. There was crime, there was injustice, but there was no law on language,” he said.

Cases of slander in the Roman Empire (506 BC to 27 AD) can be considered extremely gruesome, even by modern standards.

“Marcus Tullius Cicero – a famous politician who once defended his henchman Sestius, was ready to slander his opponent, Clodius in front of the public, that this man had incestuous with both his brother and brother. girls,” said the professor. Of course, these were all illegal acts in ancient Rome.

In response, Clodius claimed that Cicero was acting as if he were king – also a serious charge. Such heavily offensive speech is forbidden today, but was perfectly permissible at the time.

The secret to survival in ancient Roman society was to have a thick face!
Politics in Roman times was very cruel.

According to Jehne, politics in Roman times was brutal. Candidates disparage each other. And in public assemblies, the privileged were even subjected to a barrage of public insults without retribution – a measure supposedly meant to bridge the ideological divide between the rich and the poor. .

Also according to the study, the Romans seem to be very proud of the way they speak to each other . “They see it as a very important act culturally, a way for citizens to communicate with each other. When you are offended, you have to try to stand up, and then counterattack if possible.”