The reason why you shouldn't inflate your bike's tires so tight in the summer

Bicycles, traditional means of transport appeared in Vietnam for a long time. Over many stages, the bike has improved with many other models such as: Sports bikes, fashion bikes… However, with any bike in the summer, if the tire is inflated too much, it will be very easy. tire burst. To know why, follow this article.

Summer is coming, the weather is hot, not only is the air very hot, but the ground is also scorched by the sun, especially when walking on concrete roads. When riding a bicycle, if you inflate it, go outside in the sun for a long time, there will be thermal expansion, but the gas expands because of more heat than the solid, so the gas inside will expand. When the gas is expanding and there is an obstacle, it will cause a great force leading to a tire explosion.

The reason why you shouldn't inflate your bike's tires so tight in the summer
Inflating the car too much when going out in the sun will easily blow the tire.

Moreover, in summer, the temperature difference between early morning and midday, inside and outside is huge. In the morning, if you inflate your tires at home, then go out into the street, the air in the tires expands because of the heat, and then you try to find a way out, you will only end up blowing the tires. So, on a hot summer day, you should definitely not pump your bike to the point where it’s too tight.

In order not to face a situation of driving the car due to a tire explosion, the advice for car owners is to regularly check the condition of the tires, if there are signs of wear, the tires are too tight, etc., they should be handled. immediately to avoid affecting the operation of the vehicle and your work.