The reason why the mosquito repellent incense has a spiral shape, you will not expect…

In the summer there are a lot of mosquitoes, one of the simplest and most convenient mosquito repellant measures that people often use is mosquito incense/mosquito repellent.

Have people ever wondered why mosquito incense is not vertical like other common incense but has a spiral design. The reason behind is very interesting.

The reason why the mosquito repellent incense has a spiral shape, you will not expect...
The spiral-shaped mosquito scent lasts longer than the stick-shaped mosquito scent.

According to research, mosquito incense was invented by a Japanese man named Eiichiro Ueyama. Mr. Ueyama was born into a family of orange farmers. Growing up, Ueyama moved to Tokyo to live and study and had certain achievements, being one of Fukuzawa’s elite students.

At the beginning of experimental inventions, mosquito incense was also shaped like other straight incense sticks. The raw material used is the crushed powder of the species Pyrethrum, a genus of flowering plants in the Asteraceae family.

Through research, it was discovered that it is possible to kill mosquitoes by burning incense. In 1890, the first mosquito stick-shaped incense stick was born.

However, the stick-shaped mosquito incense has many shortcomings, it can only be burned for about 40 minutes, only three trees can be burned at a time, easy to break, and easily blown by the wind.

To improve these problems, Mr. Ueyama has worked for many years. Until one day, his wife discovered in the yard a snake was curled up and informed him.

Seeing the snake, Ueyama had an important design hunch. From there, he transformed mosquito incense into a spiral. By 1902, the spiral-shaped mosquito incense that could burn for up to 6 hours continuously was officially born.

To this day, many people are still using this product to repel mosquitoes.