The magic effect of humor

Humor carries the power of optimism. Humorous people easily handle awkward situations with just one sentence, helping them build relationships.

Humor helps change a person’s depressed mood, helping them find the joy, confidence, and psychological balance needed after experiencing disappointments in life.

British writer William Makepeace Thackeray once said : “Life is a mirror. If you laugh at it, it will laugh with you. If you cry with it, it will cry with you.” So, sometimes, the way to overcome problems is to learn to smile.

The magic effect of humor
Sometimes the way to overcome problems is to learn to smile. (Photo courtesy: Foxnews).

A famous historical figure with a sense of humor is Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States. There is a story about his humor, during one of his lectures, Lincoln received a piece of paper at the bottom with the words “Idiot” written on it.

The content of the note was certainly meant to be sarcastic to Lincoln, but he just smiled, held it up for all to see, and said, “I’ve received countless anonymous letters, each with content but no signed. But today, on the contrary, I received a letter without content, only signed.” Everyone below laughed and applauded the president’s quick-wittedness and humor.

Lincoln’s humor always helped him conquer others. There is another story about his humour, that of a time when he walked from the suburbs to the city. Halfway there, he saw a car from behind approaching him. He waved his hand, signaling the car to stop. After the car stopped, he walked up to the driver and asked: “Excuse me, can you help me bring this jacket to the city?”. The driver wondered: “Of course. But how do I return this shirt to you?”. Lincoln said, “Oh, it’s simple, I’m going to wrap myself in a shirt.” Impressed with Lincoln’s sense of humour, the driver invited him into the car and drove to the city.

American writer Mark Twain, on his travels, stopped at a hotel. While the writer was doing the procedure, he saw mosquitoes buzzing overhead. However, instead of criticizing this place for poor hygiene, he joked: “I heard that the mosquitoes in your place are very smart. It’s not wrong, I just came here, it sneaked a peek at my room number. Maybe tonight he’ll sneak into his room and have a big party.” Hearing Mark Twain’s joke, the receptionist was both funny and embarrassed, so he quickly went to deal with the mosquitoes, so that the humorous guest would not be bitten by “smart mosquitoes” . People around couldn’t help but laugh, come to shake hands, make friends with Mark Twain. That night, he made many more friends.

Don’t care too much about what other people think, let yourself be comfortable and happy

Nothing in this world and no one in this world can be liked by everyone. So, instead of trying to please others and live according to their opinions, you should spend time doing the work you love, living the way you want. As a result, you will feel happier. Only when you are happy , relaxed, your heart is open, your jokes are really positive.

Humor does not mean rude, insensitive jokes. Humorous people are always smart, brave people, instead of people with weak, broken and vulnerable hearts. To have a sense of humor, you must first have knowledge and experience, then you need to give yourself the opportunity to thicken your capital.

We humans sometimes attach too much importance to our personal image, place a great deal of importance on “honor” , and want to show the perfect side in front of others. If you want to improve your sense of humour, sometimes you need to “lower” yourself a bit. Making fun of yourself is a good way to hone your sense of humor sometimes.

The playwright Bernard Shaw once said , “Humor is like the suspension on a horse-drawn carriage, without it, a small stone in the road can make you wet “. That’s where the value of humor is.