Special “reverse” filter: Only allows large objects to pass through

Scientists have recently invented a new type of filter, with a fully reversible function and you would hardly be able to imagine the great application that this product brings to life.

The type of “reverse” filter in question is not solid as usual, but rather a liquid film. Specifically, it is composed of Sodium dodecyl sulfate (NaC12H25SO4) and water. These components will bond together by surface tension.

Instead of operating based on morphological characteristics, specifically the size of the filter eye like traditional products, this filter layer will classify objects by kinetic energy. Specifically, large objects with greater force will penetrate this membrane. Meanwhile, small objects that do not have enough force will be resisted. Of course, when the membrane is penetrated, it will quickly heal to continue performing its function.

Special “reverse” filter: Only allows large objects to pass through

The closest application of this type of reverse filter is to preventing odors in the toilet. In this case, the liquid membrane will still allow human “waste” to pass through, but will prevent odors from evaporating back up.

In addition, this invention can also be used to produce small insect traps, especially flies. Not only that, the development team is also aiming to apply their products to make protective films for surgical instruments, helping them to always keep the required cleanliness.