Song Dynasty mandarin hats have wings of a meter long: What are their uses?

This inconvenient hat is closely related to the rules and discipline of the royal court.

Song Dynasty mandarin hats have wings of a meter long: What are their uses?

When watching Chinese historical films set in the Song dynasty, viewers are often attracted by the mandarin hat with a particularly long wing. At first glance, the hat has guessed that it will be extremely inconvenient to use, so why did the Song Dynasty let the mandarins wear this strange design hat?

This invention originates from the reign of King Tong Thai Tong. Emperor Tong Thai Tong noticed that when he set up the court, below the officials standing close to each other often whispered, discussed, disrespected the king, they were extremely angry, suspecting that the officials were plotting treason.

To avoid this painful situation, the Song king specially designed long wings on the mandarin hat. The left and right sides of the mandarin hat are attached “wings” made of bamboo frames.

Thanks to the hat, the officials will have to stand a fixed distance from each other, unable to talk like before. This will increase the discipline of the court!

In addition, when courtiers wear this entangled hat, they must pay special attention to the surrounding space, pay attention to their gait, standing and sitting posture to avoid bumping into others. From there, the hat will help the mandarins to practice serious posture to suit the quality of being a superior mandarin.

However, this type of hat will only be worn by mandarins on important occasions, such as when adoring, participating in royal sacrifices, doing work on behalf of the court, etc., but not in everyday life. .