Shock study: Can make time stop

According to the researchers, time could be stopped. This revelation has caused many surprises and brought hope to people with the wish of time travel at some point becoming a reality.

Shock study: Can make time stop
Time can be stopped according to some scientific researchers

Experts have revealed that it is possible to stop the passage of time, although doing it may sound impractical. To understand how time can stop, one must really understand Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Einstein stated that the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second, and is constant throughout the universe. This amazing speed remains the same even when the observer is moving relative to it.

Shock study: Can make time stop
The speed of light is amazing – about 299,792,458 meters per second

However, according to studies by Southern University of Maine, our perception of light can change.

Theoretically, what could change people’s perception of time is a phenomenon known as “time dilation”. Time dilation is the difference in time when measured on two clocks. Imagine a clock placed on a spaceship traveling at or near the speed of light and another on Earth.

When the spacecraft reaches the speed of light, time will separate from both the clocks on Earth and on the spaceship. Since the speed of light is constant for both sides, it would seem that time would travel much slower on the rocket ship.

Shock study: Can make time stop
There was a time difference in 2 different environments

Research from the University of Maine says: Time dilates on moving ships: the greater the speed, the greater the time dilation. Only when such velocities approach the speed of light do the effects become large enough to be significant.

So it can be hypothesized that a ship could achieve the speed of light and that time on board would come to a complete halt.

Let’s imagine for a moment, that a ship travels at the speed of light between now and 2214. For us who live on earth, two hundred years will pass. However, what happens in 2 centuries for spaceship time is only 1 moment.

Shock study: Can make time stop
Many theories have been put forward from time dilation.

This is strange, but theoretically true.

However, it is theorized that there can be nothing but light traveling at the speed of light. The fastest man-made object is NASA’s Juno probe, which has a speed of 165,000 mph as it orbits Jupiter.

Surprisingly, Professor Stephen Hawking said Einstein’s research into gravity, space and time since 1915 may have found a solution to this problem. There exists a gravity that can connect the two sides of the galaxy and act as a shortcut to get from side to side and back while those around you are still alive.

Shock study: Can make time stop
Einstein showed that it would take an infinite amount of rocket energy to accelerate a spacecraft beyond the speed of light.

Such wormholes have been seriously mentioned that it could be in a future civilization.

However, if you can get from one side of the galaxy to the other in a week or two, you can go back through another wormhole and go back in time before you even departed. You can even travel back in time to a single wormhole if its two ends move relative to each other.