Science proves that everyone will find the truth of life at the age of 60

New research shows that people reflect on life at the age of “nine” especially before the threshold of 60. Scientists say whether people feel happy with family, friends, career or other things, it takes middle age to really appreciate those values.

Research by scientists at the University of California, San Diego (USA) was conducted on 1000 people aged 21 to 100, and the results: In middle age, people are most aware of life. living.

Feeling a sense of purpose in life also entails more mental and physical benefits than when you were younger. “Health and a sense of purpose in life are closely related,” the scientists say.

Science proves that everyone will find the truth of life at the age of 60
Scientists point out that the age of 60 is the time when people understand and appreciate the meaning of life. (Artwork: David Conachy)

Professor Dilip Jeste, an expert in the fields of psychiatry and brain science, said: “A lot of things about meaning and purpose in life come from a philosophical point of view. But the meaning of life is linked to good health and a long life. People who live meaningfully are happier and healthier than those who live without purpose.”

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry . The study group performed on 1000 adults. To confirm whether the participants had a purpose in life, the scientists asked research questions: “Am I looking for a purpose or a mission in my life?” find and be satisfied with your life purpose?”.

Professor Jeste continued: “When you are young, like in your twenties, you are not sure about your career, about a spouse or about what kind of person you are. You are searching for the meaning of life. As you begin to enter your 30s, 40s, and 50s, you begin to settle into relationships, possibly get married, have a family of your own, and begin to settle into a career.

You will search less and the meaning of life will gradually take over. Once you hit your 60s, things start to change. People start retiring and start losing egos. They started to care about health issues when some of their friends and family passed away.”

Another study earlier this year of 7,000 middle-aged Americans also found that those with a strong will and purpose in life tend to live about five years longer. These studies ignore wealth, gender and education levels.