Revealing the secret tunnel where Hitler buried 21 tons of "death" gold

A documentary about Nazi Germany recently aired on MDR radio shows images of the secret underground tunnels at the Buchenwald concentration camp with revelations: This is not just a place where thousands of slaves were kept. , hiding war machines from World War II but also the place where Hitler ordered his enormous treasure to be buried.

Treasure hunters have been warned to stay away from a Nazi concentration camp called Buchenwald from World War II after MDR broadcast a documentary and revealed secret tunnels. This is where Hitler ordered his treasure containing 21 tons of gold to be buried.

Revealing the secret tunnel where Hitler buried 21 tons of "death" gold
Dozens of tons of gold were discovered in a tunnel at the Buchenwald concentration camp. (Photo: Daily Mail).

Between 1937 and 1945, a total of 280,000 POWs were sent to Buchenwald and its sub-camps – of which some 56,000 died – many from disease, starvation and even medical experiments. economic. The Nazis also executed 8,000 Soviet prisoners of war at the camp.

This is where the Nazis used Jewish slaves to dig large tunnels that served many different purposes: from holding prisoners, hiding secret weapons and especially burying the treasures of bosses. famous fascist Adolf Hitler.

Revealing the secret tunnel where Hitler buried 21 tons of "death" gold
Initially, the camp was designed to house political opponents and persecute Jews. When war broke out, convicts across Europe were sent to Buchenwald and its 139 sub-camps – to aid the Nazi arms industry. (Photo: Daily Mail).

However, as revealed by MDR, in fact these secret tunnels were then used to bury valuables that the prison confiscated from tens of thousands of people out of 6 million Jewish prisoners who were murdered. damage during the Holocaust, mostly the golden teeth of death row inmates.

Camp Buchenwald, located on the outskirts of the German city of Weimar (later in the German Democratic Republic), was liberated by the US army on April 11, 1945. However, the area later fell under Soviet control.

The entrances to the tunnels were destroyed by the Soviet Union between 1947-1948, although there is still speculation that the Soviet Union transported this treasure out of Buchenwald.

According to MDR , when American troops liberated the camp, more than 21 tons of gold were found – mostly wedding rings and teeth of people murdered in Nazi “death camps” .

On September 23, 1940, General Heinrich Himmler ordered the SS Guards to confiscate gold teeth from those who died in concentration camps and extended the order to also confiscate “irreparable gold teeth” from those who are still alive.

Revealing the secret tunnel where Hitler buried 21 tons of "death" gold
This group of young Jews survived their time in Buchenwald and left the camp after the liberation of the American army. (Photo: Daily Mail).

According to rumors, in 1945, Nazi officials ordered to dig secret tunnels to bury the treasure to avoid being taken away by the Soviet Union. Furthermore, a detailed map of the treasure is housed at the National Archives in Washington.

Jens-Christian Wagner, a world expert on Nazi concentration camps, however, has refuted these claims.

The area has been thoroughly searched and all that has been found is mining equipment, old weapons and ammunition, Mr Wagner said.

Revealing the secret tunnel where Hitler buried 21 tons of "death" gold
The treasure contained 21 tons of gold – most of which were gold teeth and rings taken from Jewish victims of the Holocaust and surviving prisoners. (Photo: Daily Mail).

“Over the years, rumors about the Buchenwald camp hiding valuable gold have spread and attracted many treasure hunters to try their luck. Many people tried to enter the tunnel illegally with machines. modern machinery, forcing the government to issue a ban,” said Mr. Wagner.

According to MDR, two of the eight sections of the tunnel have yet to be found.