Notes when using motorbikes on hot days

Moving under the hot summer sun makes everyone “weary”, how to keep your car healthy when operating in today’s hot weather?

The following notes will help you and your car cope well in the summer.

On hot days, especially hot summer days, you should avoid going during the hours with the highest outdoor temperatures, such as midday. Because at this time, the hot sun will greatly affect your health and safety.

Especially when traveling long distances, the high temperature will cause many illusions, in addition to the direct sunlight on the head, the heat from below the road, all of which will affect the ability to judge as well. as your controller, leading to unsafe driving. If you have to go on the road, it is best to choose a cool time, check the safety features of the tires and all safety systems, carefully prepare a helmet, gloves, glasses … and remember. Bring a water bottle to stay alert while driving.

To avoid the hot sun, you need to fully equip yourself with a helmet, sunscreen, mask, sunglasses, small water bottle… These items help you fight heatstroke , reduce stress, fatigue, glare. eyes, avoid dehydration, thereby helping you to have concentration and good health to drive.

One thing to note is that to avoid the sun, you should cover the back of your neck . You can use a scarf or hat from a sunblock. However, with the hat of the sun hat, you must choose the right type of shirt so that your vision is not limited when driving.

Notes when using motorbikes on hot days
Zipping your shirt too high can limit visibility and head mobility. (Internet photo)

Not only protecting yourself, you should also help your car avoid the sun by stopping, parking, and leaving it in a shaded place. Not only will this allow you to maintain the life of your paintwork, but it will also prevent you from getting burned while sitting in the saddle.

Under the hot sun, everyone wants to go fast. However, the best way to both go fast and strong is to keep the throttle. This will help the radiator fins or the radiator to get more cool air, thereby allowing the engine to not overheat, affecting the vehicle’s life, damaging the scooter’s cooler.

In addition, although you really want to quickly get out of the scene of driving in the hot sun, you should not drive at a high speed or run a red light. Because when going fast, it is very difficult for you to control the steering wheel, not to mention your spirit and health when traveling in the sun are limited to be able to focus on driving and promptly handle unexpected situations. go out.

Notes when using motorbikes on hot days
You should not drive fast in the hot sun

To hide from the sun, many motorbike drivers have a habit of running parallel to trucks or buses to “hide” from the shadows. However, this poses many risks of accidents because trucks operating in high temperature conditions can easily blow tires, putting motorcyclists in danger, and buses often crossing to change lanes are also easy to lead. to collision.

Notes when using motorbikes on hot days
To keep your car healthy in the summer, you need to regularly maintain and care for your car at genuine dealers.

The fact that dirt and mud adheres to the engine walls and fins, which will significantly reduce the cooling wind power for the engine. The engine therefore becomes hotter and makes the car operate “inertia”. If the engine becomes too hot, it is easy to “lock up “. Therefore, on hot days, please take the time to clean the car so that the engine does not overheat because of dirt. However, an additional note is not to wash the car when the engine is still hot.