New research points to an important characteristic of creative work

According to new research from Griffith University, creative pursuits can help solve complex psychological problems and treat mental disorders.

Creativity allows people to better understand their psychological state, not afraid to tell relatives and therapists about it, as well as embrace a new career to put problems aside.

New research points to an important characteristic of creative work
The Creative Classroom positively influences many extracurricular classroom participants.

To find out, the researchers interviewed people with mental health problems who drew, danced, or played music in creative studios. During the interviews, the most useful aspects of the creative team that the participants studied were examined.

Poll results show that creative classes have a positive effect on the well-being of many people who participate in extracurricular classes . They begin to understand themselves better and begin to trust others more.

“Some of the participants continued to enjoy their art, maintain friendships with each other, some started studies and others got new paying jobs,” said Victoria Stewart, lead author of the study. wage”.

The creative instruction classes also helped participants become more confident in their interactions with society, the scientists say. They work actively in groups, find common interests with others and share innovative ideas.

“Our research has shown that being creative encourages more people to share stories of their illness and recovery, gain a better understanding of their condition and gain a sense of accomplishment,” said Victoria Stewart. confidence”.