Mutants can kill mosquitoes 6 miles away just by farting

Recently, a man in Ukraine claimed that he could kill mosquitoes 6 miles away thanks to his flatulence.

Mutants can kill mosquitoes 6 miles away just by farting
Joe Rwamirama – the man who farted to the death of the mosquito.

According to Joe Rwamirama, a 48-year-old man from Kampala, in Uganda, he has a completely normal diet, and his fart smells like everyone else’s.

However, it is not clear how, for insects, such as mosquitoes, Joe’s exhaust is extremely dangerous.

The “legend” about Joe’s career in repelling insects, especially mosquitoes, is very popular where he lives.

Everyone knows that, wherever Joe appears, the mosquitoes will strangely disappear. Some people joked that Joe had evolved to the point of being able to fend off mosquitoes on his own.

Now, Joe also says, he’s confident his fart is powerful enough to knock out harmful insects within a six-mile radius. This means that the effect of the farting gas from Joe is more powerful than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

Joe shared, he has a dream, to turn his fart gas into an insecticide and this drug will be commercialized and sold around the world.

According to Joe, a number of companies have contacted him about this issue, but currently, representatives of these companies have not yet confirmed Joe’s statement.