Miscellaneous writing and drawing is more beneficial than you think

When bored, many people have the habit of writing and doodling on paper, books and even on the wall. Thought it was a useless “killing time”, but health experts say this action really affects our mental health, typically with the following benefits:

One study found that people who used to draw while listening to lectures or attending meetings remembered more information than those who did not. Experts say doodling helps with concentration, as it requires enough cognitive effort to keep from daydreaming. This means that sketching helps you try to focus and maintain attention, limiting distracting your mind on other matters.

Miscellaneous writing and drawing is more beneficial than you think

Many studies show that the habit of doodling can help a person better process the emotions and feelings they are having. Like journaling, doodling also helps you better perceive and express your emotions.

Coloring books have been shown to have effective stress-reducing benefits, as the act of coloring pictures calms the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls the brain’s “fight or flight” response to threats. stressful situations. With the same mechanism, the habit of doodling can help control one’s stress levels. Mental health experts explain that the repetitive motion of drawing on the page to create the same shape can help relax the mind, because we don’t have to worry about the “work” we create. good or bad.

Since the habit of doodling can help increase concentration, it can also help improve learning. According to a study, people who doodle when they feel their mind drifting in the classroom/meeting room can restore their ability to concentrate.

According to experts, doodling can help stimulate areas of the brain that are normally underactive, thereby helping you to analyze information in different ways while “activating” different networks in the brain. Basically, doodling is the act of thinking with pictures and helps stimulate better brain function.

In addition to the outstanding benefits mentioned above, the habit of doodles also helps control moods and addictions, helps recall memories, relaxes the mind and body, etc. Although there are many benefits as above, but it is not. This does not mean that we should draw miscellaneous anytime and anywhere because this habit also has some disadvantages. For example, being absorbed in drawing during class can distract attention from the lecture and reduce the ability to concentrate to remember the lesson.