Millionaire claims to live to 180 years old thanks to strange methods

Dave Asprey has spent 1 million USD to preserve stem cells along with diet and cold therapy methods for the goal of living to at least 180 years old.

Tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey, 47, claims he will live to at least 2153 using anti-aging therapies such as cold baths and phased fasting.

Besides, he also removed part of the spinal cord to save stem cells for $ 25,000. Dave coined the term ” Biohacking” to describe his methods of fighting the biological clock.

Appearing on television on February 1, the millionaire predicted many people under the age of 40 would be “happy and healthy” at the age of 100 after applying his method.

Millionaire claims to live to 180 years old thanks to strange methods
Dave Asprey claims he can live to at least 180 years old thanks to his special anti-aging methods.

When asked why he wants to live so long, Dave said : “I am very curious. I think we have a lot to improve in the world. I don’t think I’ve done everything.”

The host asked Dave if he would be happy if he was the only one who lived this long, while the people who loved him by his side were not. “I don’t think I’m the only one doing that,” Dave said. “ I am just a pioneer. Some methods are quite expensive, some are quite easy, like fasting. It will be as popular as the phone. Everyone has a phone. Then everyone will resist age. Society will quickly change.”

According to Dailymail, Dave has spent about 1 million USD on techniques to improve his own function, including stem cell preservation. “ I probably have more stem cells than anyone else on the planet,” he said. I take my own stem cells and put them back into my body.”

“I’ve set myself up for much less inflammation than most people, by controlling what I eat, how I sleep, and many other anti-aging treatments.”

Explaining the benefits of putting stem cells back into his body, he said: “When we are young, we have a lot of stem cells and we are cured like young people.”

Dave Asprey is the founder of the Bulletproof Coffee empire – a very popular diet coffee in the US. At the age of 20, he was a computer hacker. He was fed up with dealing with arthritis and chronic fatigue, despite doing all the doctors advised, including exercising, counting calories. Therefore, he began experimenting with diets and gradually became “addicted” to anti-aging methods.