Learn to be creative by doing nothing like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs

Just open up the Internet, we can see countless articles about celebrities sharing their daily habits or ways to help them succeed. Being as busy as they are can also help us to be a little less lazy. However, research shows that we should also take some so-called “non-time” time for ourselves.

Learn to be creative by doing nothing like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs
This quiet space also has a deep connection to human creativity.

So what is “non-time” ? As defined by TED speaker Steven Kotler – author of The Art of the Impossible , “non-time” is your own quiet time when you are isolated from the noise and rhythm of the outside world. . Kotler shared that his “non-time” will start from 4:00 to 7:30 a.m. He believes that this is a time that belongs to him and to be able to maintain this habit, the most important thing is patience . “Non-time” is not only the time when he can finish his writing, but he also adds that, according to neuroscience, this quiet space also has a profound connection to thinking. and human creativity.

He explains that pressure causes the brain to focus on small, short-sighted things, preventing people from expanding their thinking, especially when the brain is under stress. In addition, being limited in time is also a weakness of creativity. In other words, “non-time” can make people comfortable enough to look beyond problems and develop creativity.

And of course, both Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein agreed with this idea. Albert Einstein once said that his best ideas come when he is doing nothing and enjoying his space. Steve Jobs too, that time helped him come up with a different idea . However, both geniuses had to work hard to bring the idea to fruition.

“Non-time” isn’t everything, but it’s really helpful. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to maintain this habit because a day has so many things to do. However, if you want to be as creative, as successful as possible, you need to do so.