Learn about the life of the blind prophet Vanga

The world famous blind prophet Baba Vanga has the full name: Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, after marriage, she changed her name to Vangelia Gushterova. Baba Vanga is known as a seer and herbalist who lived her life in seclusion in the remote Kozhuth region of Petrich, Bulgaria.

Millions of people around the world have been convinced by her accurate predictions and believe that she possesses supernatural powers, but few know about the mysteries surrounding her endowed foresight and life. her sadness.

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Vanga was born in Strumica, then still in the Ottoman Empire, today in the Republic of Macedonia. During the Bulgarian occupation of the area (1941-1944), she moved to Petrich, Bulgaria. Vanga’s mother had many health problems, so right from the time she was born, she was a premature baby and suffered a lot with health complications.

According to local tradition, such babies are only named if they are still alive. When this baby was born crying, the midwife would run into the street and ask a stranger for a name. A stranger suggested the name Andromaha, but the name was deemed too Greek, so the family refused.

It was only when a stranger came to her house to ask for food and saw that she was weak, this stranger gave her a cloudy and very viscous water to drink. Only after about a week she was much healthier. Feeling strange, the girl’s grandmother decided to name her Vangelia (In Greek, this name means Bringer of good news, a combination of two meanings “good, cheerful” and “giver” believe” ) later people called it as Vanga.

Learn about the life of the blind prophet Vanga
The life of the blind prophet Vanga experienced many ups and downs

As a little girl, Vanga was completely normal. Her father served in the Bulgarian army during the first world war and her mother died when Vanga was a child, little Vanga at that time had to live with neighbors for a long time. Vanga is very intelligent, has blue eyes and blonde hair. Her ability in medicine and herbs became known when she played games, pretended to be a healer, and gave some herbs to her friends who acted as sick people. Her father, after a period of widowhood, remarried to a kind woman and Vanga had a stepmother who knew how to take care of the family.

The mystery of the blind prophetess comes from when a storm hit the village where Mrs. Vanga, then still just a 12-year-old girl. The day sky suddenly darkened like night, the wind tore up the trees and swept away the roofs. The tornado lifted the girl up into the air and swept her into the distant fields.

She was found after a long search, at that time she looked so ragged and full of fear, her eyes were covered with sand and dust, so she could not open them because of the pain. Despite being treated, but there was no result, the family only had enough money for partial surgery and so her eyes were considered incurable. She became blind from then on. It is speculated that it was the storm that had a major impact, shaking Vanga’s brain and giving her the ability to see into the future.

In 1925, Vanga was sent to a school for the blind in Zemun city where she stayed for three years. Here she was taught Braille, played the piano and studied housework such as sewing, cooking and laundry. After the death of her stepmother, she had to return home to take care of her two younger siblings. Her family at that time was too poor and she had to work all day. During the day, she worked hard, at night she cried silently because of her unhappy life.

Learn about the life of the blind prophet Vanga
The blind old woman Vanga is also the one who surprised all of humanity because of her ability to accurately predict many events in the future

In 1939, Vanga contracted pleurisy, although she had been quite healthy the previous years. The doctor assumed that she would die soon, but at Vanga’s age at that time, from the time the doctor predicted her death to the time she actually died, it was clear that the doctor had misdiagnosed. She recovered very quickly.

Vanga began to have the ability to “see into the future” at the age of 16. That time her father’s sheep suddenly lost one, so the girl described to him the exact place where the sheep was held by the thief. Later, according to the prophetess, a few nights before the “glow ghost” appeared, she repeatedly dreamed that a supernatural figure came to her and gave her a noble mission.

She found herself beginning to have strange dreams about disasters that later came true. Many times Vanga gave a “warning” to the people of the same village that war would happen one day not far away, but people did not believe it… One evening, while standing in front of his house, Vanga saw it. a tall man, light-haired and beautiful like an angel. This horseman entered the dark room, turned to Vanga, the guest said in a low voice: “ Everything in the world will be turned upside down, many people will die. But she will stay here and will announce the living and the dead. Don’t be afraid, I’ll be right by your side. I’m always there to help you.”

Vanga asked her sister: “Liupka, have you seen the horseman, he just rode out from our yard.”

“Which knight? – asked the sister. – Do you know what time it is? Maybe you just fell asleep.”

“I don’t know, maybe I was dreaming, but it was a strange horseman and the dream was strange. I hear this…”.

Learn about the life of the blind prophet Vanga
Vanga’s house in Rupit . city

And just as Vanga had predicted a year earlier, one winter night in January 1941, the Nazi army crossed the border into Yugoslavia. That morning, all the people of Strumica city went to find a place to hide, only Vanga and Liupka stayed at home. By noon, the sound of the engines of heavy motor vehicles could be heard on the street. The Germans scoured for property, the two sisters stood in the middle of the house, pale as corpses. The soldier glanced at the empty house and yard and left: there was nothing to rob here.

Two days later, the villagers returned. They ran into the house to see how the sisters were doing, and they were so surprised that they did not dare to enter the house. Vanga has changed to the point of being unrecognizable. Vanga stood in a corner of the room and let out powerful voices. From Vanga’s mouth came the words of others, stating the correct name and location of events. Vanga talked about the fate of the people of the city who were taken away by the Germans, who still lost, who will return and when… the scene was so amazing that many people suddenly wanted to kneel in front of Vanga. prostrate as before the holy woman. After that, the people Vanga predicted returned on time as she predicted.

Rumors about Vanga, the prophetess spread quickly in the city, people began to flock to her house. During the Second World War, Vanga became more and more trusted by many people, many people came to her house, hoping that she would help them find clues where their relatives were living, or find out where they had been. die. The prophetess even told some people how to avoid arrows and bullets, how to treat wounds with herbs, clay, honey, how to find lost memorabilia…

She began to predict the fate of her family members. When his younger brother Vasil joined an anti-state party, Vanga cried and advised that if he did, he would suffer a painful death at the age of 23. Vasil did not believe her. And as a result, in October of that year, he was arrested, brutally tortured and then executed.

In 1942, she was invited by then-Bulgarian King Boris III to ask for a prophecy. Vanga did not talk much to King Boris. She only reminded the king to always remember the date of August 28. The king also did not understand why he had to remember that date. But, more than a year later, the people of Bulgaria understood why. On August 28, 1943, King Boris III died.

In 1952, Mrs. Vanga said that in a year, leader Stalin would be dead. Immediately, she got into trouble with the Bulgarian government, arrested by them for spreading false rumors that confused the people. Since then, Ms. Vanga has always been cautious with predictions about global disasters or the fate of heads of state. She also only revealed these predictions to certain people to avoid confusing the public.

That October, Vanga married Dimitar Gushterov, a man near Petrich who came to ask her about who had killed his brother, but she made him promise not to take revenge. Soon after their marriage, Dimitrar and Vanga moved to Petrich and she became more famous. Dimitar later also joined the battle with the army to conquer northern Greece. In 1947, he became seriously ill, then sank into alcoholism and died on April 1, 1962. When he took his last breath, she stopped crying and fell asleep until the burial was over. When she regained consciousness, she said, “I sent him off to the place where he was prepared.” Vanga also knew the exact date of her death, she left this world on June 11, 1996 because of breast cancer. Her funeral was attended by many people and was an event that caused a stir in the whole area at that time.

And just before that day, she said there was a 10-year-old blonde girl living in France who would inherit her endowed abilities, and that humanity would soon find her.

Learn about the life of the blind prophet Vanga
Tomb of the Prophet Vanga

While living in Vanga was almost illiterate, she did not write a book where what she said or predicted was recorded by a team of staff. Vanga says that her supernatural abilities have something to do with invisible creatures, but she can’t clearly explain where these creatures come from. She said that these creatures gave her information about people, but she could not contact them because of the distance. Vanga also said that the life of each person in front of her unfolds like a movie, from birth to death, but changing the fate of a generation is beyond her ability.

She made many predictions such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, the death of Stalin, the 9/11 disaster and Topalov’s victory in the international chess competition. . Vanga also tried to predict babies and fetuses. She said she was seeing and talking to people, even those who died hundreds of years ago. Vanga also said that she doesn’t like to talk about the future but still has to. The most frightening is that Vanga thinks that there are many extraterrestrial beings that have been on earth for a long time, they come from a planet called Vamfim, which is the third planet from earth in the solar system.

In 1980, Vanga shocked the world by predicting that at the intersection of the two centuries, 1999 or 2000, Kursk would be covered by water and the whole world would be shocked. Indeed, Kursk is a Russian nuclear submarine K-141, which sank in the Barent Sea on August 12, 2000. In 1989, she predicted the September 11 disaster in the US when she said: “Horrible! American pride will be shattered after the attack of the iron birds. Wolves will howl in the bushes, and good blood will be shed.”

History unfolded as Vanga predicted, on September 11, 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were attacked by a hijacker’s plane and completely collapsed causing the deaths of many people. Considered the greatest disaster of the 21st century.

In addition to prophecy and prediction, Vanga understood that she also had the ability to cure diseases with herbs. Vanga never denied Western medicine, however, she believes that overusing drugs will be harmful because drugs “block the door of nature which are plants to restore the balance that has been disturbed in the body”. Plants and flowers – it was Vanga’s love that she made them a big place in the medical profession.

Learn about the life of the blind prophet Vanga
The Bulgarian oracle announced that in 2020, the coin will lose its value.

According to Vanga’s prediction, 2020 will be a year of many disasters, but at the same time there will be a person who can bring hope and establish “peace on the whole Earth”.

According to Ms. Vanga, most children born in 2020 will grow up to be geniuses.

She predicts that by 2020, humanity will finally conquer space and even discover a planet to which humanity will soon migrate.

In the first 6 months of 2020, according to Vanga’s prediction, a global economic crisis will begin.

The Bulgarian oracle announced that in 2020, the coin will lose its value. Vanga predicts there will be chaos and instability in the world, so much so that money no longer plays an important role. Humanity will be puzzled, confused by other problems.

She mentioned a figure 8 would appear and establish peace in the Middle East.

“When the number 8 is signed, peace will come in a thousand years. And I hope this happens soon,” she said.

According to Vanga, in the coming year, Europe will face social disasters related to the movement of different cultures and the flow of migrants.

According to her prophecy, very serious events will take place in Ukraine in 2020, but by the end of 2020, relations with Kiev and Moscow will warm up.

2020 according to the forecast of the Bulgarian prophet will be a year of many disasters.

According to her, the active activity of the sun will cause natural disasters . Russia will experience a dry summer, nature will cause serious disasters for Taiwan and surrounding areas. She believes that Asia in the coming year will experience many earthquakes.

Africa will also be troubled with a major epidemic that has claimed many lives. Humanity will be looking for a vaccine against the terrible disease throughout the year.

The most common disease on Earth would be skin cancer. The ice in the Arctic is a cause for concern because of the risk of environmental catastrophes that will cause them to melt faster.