Is the ability to create and control fire with the mind (pyrokinesis) a fiction?

When asked if they want to have a superpower, most people choose safe options like the ability to fly or be invisible. It’s understandable, because abilities like pyrokinesis (fire control) are always “good and bad”.

Specifically, in addition to being useful when camping, the ability to create fire will have to be limited. Moreover, the person who possesses the ability will be very tired when he has to replace the role of a fireman, constantly using his ability to put out fires in apartments or forests. Therefore, among other causes, we are very fortunate that pyrokinesis is not real.

However, is the phenomenon of pyrokinesis completely fictional? Of course, the question posed here will not be derived from urban legends or a few rumors. Specifically, according to GMA sources, a girl in the Philippines is said to be able to predict fires and create fires just by mentioning fire.

So far, most scientists have concluded that pyrokinesis does not occur in real life. The cases mentioned above are not due to the human ability to create fire with only the mind. To explain this, our brain does not produce enough energy to burn any object . Up to now, many theories about the ability to control fire by thinking have been proposed by writers. According to Wolff sources, although the master of horror stories Stephen King coined the term “pyrokinesis” when he wrote the fictional “Firestarter” in 1980, even writer Charles Dickens made it unique. The author believes that his character died from his body spontaneously igniting after a night of drunkenness.

Is the ability to create and control fire with the mind (pyrokinesis) a fiction?
Most scientists conclude that pyrokinesis does not occur in real life.

Some speculate that the pyrotron subatomic particle is the cause of pyrokinesis, and even spontaneous combustion. According to sources Wolff and Arnold , these people hypothesized that the element pyrotron passes through the atoms of an object, and if a quark collision occurs (small particles that make up protons and neutrons), essentially An explosion will occur within the human body and cause a fire from within the subject.

However, the above hypothesis has not been tested once. Specifically, no scientist has ever seen quarks with a microscope; we only know quarks exist because many physical particles are made up of smaller ones. Therefore, observing the collision between quarks and other elements is even more impossible. Furthermore, the second problem here is that pyrotrons do not actually exist. No one has ever demonstrated that a type of subatomic particle can explain the phenomenon of some people controlling fire with just their thoughts. For these two reasons, scientists conclude that pyrokinesis will never happen in reality.